World of Tanks Anniversary Campaign Celebrates 10 Years in Five Acts

World of Tanks Anniversary Campaign

Developer Wargaming Group Ltd. is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of its online hit, World of Tanks. To commemorate this event, players are invited to participate in an extensive World of Tanks Anniversary campaign. This event has been broken into five separate Acts, with each representing two of the games ten years. Details for the first four have been released with Act 5 details coming in early August.

The World of Tanks Anniversary campaign begins with Act 1: Battle! Covering 2010-2011, recalling the earliest versions of the game when there were only two nations and a small number of tank choices. To start, Act 1 brings back General Chat to revive the excitement of random battles. It also gives players a taste of the challenging new missions to earn Anniversary coins for rewards like special customizations and vehicles.

Act 2: Conquering the World covers 2012-2013 of World of Tanks. This marks the period when national voice-overs were introduced and the Tier IX tank destroyer was born along with new game physics allowing for the first Assault and Encounter battles. With a set of missions and bundles unique to this act, players will also receive a new tank horn to blare for battle in this World of Tanks Anniversary campaign.

In Act 3: Rubicon, the World of Tanks Anniversary campaign revisits the changes that occurred from 2014-2015. Clans received a Stronghold option, both SD and HD versions became available and allowed players to compete in Domination and Steel Hunt for the prized T-22 med, a fast-moving armored tank introduced at a New Year’s event. It also gives players the chance to complete Act 3 missions in one of the most monstrous tanks in the game, the Sturmtiger.

The aptly named fourth Act, Overhaul, showcases how much World of Tanks expanded during the years 2016-2017. The vehicles were remastered for HD while Grand Battles became stable enough to support over 60 players. In the game, the SPG weapon got a stun debuff while Tank Company and the Waffenträger auf E 100 were taken out. The act itself will let players participate in 7v7 battles ‘Through Time’ to earn ‘Past’ customizations.

The World of Tanks Anniversary campaign aims to celebrate its history with the players. With four Acts already revealed and a fifth to arrive in August, there’s more excitement to come. Tank drivers are sure to have a blast.

Written by Andrew Smith