27 of the Rarest Fortnite Skins

Image Credit: Epic Games, Image Composition: Dayna Eileen

I’ve often sifted through my Fortnite Locker, skimming it for just the right aesthetic before I hop into a match. What I rarely thought about was just how many rare Fortnite skins I had that aren’t available anymore. From skins that come with products like the partnership Fortnite and Power A have right now to skins that were only available during early Battle Passes, there are a plethora of skins many of us have never and might never see.

We wanted to list some of the rarest Fortnite skins out there and how people got their hands on them. Though I have a few on this list, I am definitely feeling some FOMO—especially for all the PlayStation-exclusive rare Fortnite skins!

Aerial Assault Trooper

Image Credit: Epic Games, Image Composition: Dayna Eileen

The Aerial Assault Trooper skin first appeared in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 1, requiring players to reach level 15 and spend 1200 V-Bucks to unlock it. Despite the effort to obtain this skin with tactical goggles, most players opted for the Renegade Raider. Nowadays, actually seeing the Aerial Assault Trooper skin in a match is an extremely rare occurrence because so few people picked it up.

Its exclusivity from being an early Battle Pass skin, combined with most players not unlocking it back then, make it one of the rarest and most coveted skins for collectors. Sporting this OG skin now will turn a few heads, especially with veteran Fortnite players. An oldie but a goodie, the Aerial Assault Trooper is definitely a rare Fortnite skin.

Astro Jack

Astro Jack blasted onto the scene in 2020 as part of Travis Scott’s otherworldly Icon Series takeover. His cosmic duds and vibrant aura encapsulated the event’s psychedelic energy. But his fate remains unknown after Scott’s concert controversy sparked refunds and ban murmurs. The uncertainty over his return cements his slot on all the “rarest skins” lists. For the lucky few who dropped 2,000 V-Bucks on this space cadet, he remains an interstellar trophy. His rumored banned status only amplifies the value and envy surrounding devoted owners. 

Black Knight

Scoring the Black Knight’s dark ensemble meant conquering the Season 2 Battle Pass, back when the level cap sat at 70. Now, as the game’s scope has exploded, people are often left wondering how to get a hold of this skin. Black Knight’s four-year absence cements his slot atop every “rarest skins” archive, his prestige ever amplifying.

Black Widow

One of Fortnite’s rarest and most sought-after skins is the original Black Widow Fortnite skin that first appeared in April 2019. This was part of a Marvel Avengers tie-in to coincide with the release of Avengers: Endgame. The classic Black Widow look, inspired by Scarlett Johansson’s appearance as the character in the Marvel movies, was available for a very limited time before being vaulted. 

Until November 2023, the Black Widow Fortnite skin hadn’t been seen in the Item Shop in over 1,500 days! She recently popped back in a few months ago, but unless this happens more often, she will remain a pretty rare Fortnite skin

Blue Team Leader

Scoring the sleek Blue Team Leader skin meant being a PlayStation Plus subscriber during Fortnite’s early days. This sapphire soldier was the cherry on top for Season 2’s limited-run PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack. Now, his vaulted availability and PlayStation exclusivity cement his slot on all the “rarest skins” lists. 

Sure, his standard-issue fatigues seem ordinary compared to today’s flashy collabs. But behind the helmet lies a storied legacy as one of Fortnite’s rarest outfit skins. Will this decorated veteran ever resume active duty? For now, his absence from the Item Shop only amplifies his value. 

Chief Hopper

Chief Hopper touched down on the Island for a hot second in 2019 to hype up Stranger Things Season 3. Scoring this slick skin cost V-Bucks and impeccable timing during his blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Item Shop stint. Now, catching a glimpse of this David Harbour skin is rare, but it has been seen popping back into the Item Shop more recently, so its rare status might not last long.

Sporting the Chief Hopper Fortnite skin will turn some heads. His almost four-year absence before returning in December solidifies his slot on all the “rarest skins” lists. Will Hopper ever hop back into the rotation?

Dark Voyager

Dark Voyager is one of the rarest and most iconic Fortnite skins, the Tier 100 reward from Chapter 1 Season 3. Its sleek black space suit and orange accents pay homage to retro sci-fi style. While a similar Eternal Voyager came later, the original Dark Voyager remains an incredibly rare sight. Its unique, retro-futuristic look is easily recognizable and shows dedication from Fortnite’s early seasons by completing Season 3’s Battle Pass. 

As one of the first prestige skins ever, Dark Voyager retains an air of OG status symbol to this day. Though other skins have come and gone, Dark Voyager’s bold style and exclusivity cement its reputation as a sought-after flex years later.


One of the rarest Fortnite skins is the spooky Demogorgon outfit from Stranger Things. This humanoid monster first crept into the Item Shop in July 2019 during a crossover event with the popular Netflix show. Before it vanished, players had a brief window to purchase the skin for 1,200 V-Bucks. However, the Demogorgon started making its rounds again at the end of 2023, so we could see its rarity drop if it continues to come back to the shop.

Double Helix

Scoring the super exclusive Double Helix skin means you dropped some cash on a special edition Fortnite Nintendo Switch. This slick black and red outfit with headphones was only available if you snatched up the Switch bundle. Now that the bundle is vaulted, Double Helix has become one of the rarest of skins. 


Unlocking the mystical Fable skin meant grinding to Tier 47 during the prime days of Chapter 1 Season 6. Her regal gold and teal garb is a badge of honor for those dedicated few who put in the work before time expired. Unlike some Battle Pass exclusives, she lacks special emotes or styles to amplify her allure. But with over two years elapsing since her brief spotlight, she remains on our Rarest Fortnite Skins list.


The Frostbite outfit is undoubtedly one of the rarest skins in Fortnite history. This icy warrior ensemble was only obtainable through the 2018 Deep Freeze Bundle, which came with the skin along with 1000 V-Bucks, the Cold Front Glider, Chill-Axe Pickaxe, and Freezing Point Back Bling. But the physical edition is no longer sold, making codes for the bundle incredibly scarce.

Tracking down a legitimate code can cost a pretty penny, too. It is even listed as “Currently Unavailable” on Amazon. For most players, Frostbite remains an elusive frozen legend.


Scoring the sleek and stylish Galaxy skin meant copping some fancy Samsung hardware in 2018. This epic exclusive was the cherry on top for Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 early adopters who got to drop onto the Island before their friends. This classic status symbol is a retired relic of those halcyon mobile days. Despite fans’ despair, its brief availability window cements its slot on all the “rarest skins” lists.

Golden Peely

The super rare Golden Peely skin is a low-key flex and a sign that someone has put in a ton of hours grinding in Fortnite. To get Peely fully gold and mouthless, you needed to hit level 350 in Chapter 2 Season 2. That takes some next-level dedication since the challenges tap out way before that. Golden Peely is a shiny badge of honor that says you’re an OG who has mastered the art of leveling up in-game. 

Honor Guard

This slick military outfit with red accents was only unlockable if you copped a special edition Honor View 20 phone. Since not many people run out to buy Honor phones, barely anyone has this skin. Even though it’s technically still possible to acquire, you’d need to buy an old phone that isn’t made anymore.

So, if you catch a glimpse of the Honor Guard skin in your Fortnite lobby, you know that player dropped over 500 bucks for it. Honor Guard’s inaccessibility and eye-catching design have made it a favorite for collectors and one of the rarest Fortnite skins. Its prestige comes from price point and scarcity — even OG players rarely spot Honor Guard during battles.


Scoring the sleek IKONIK skin meant copping a Samsung Galaxy S10 before September 2019’s deadline. Modeled after K-pop icon Jung Chanwoo, IKONIK’s smooth style and standout design made him an instant sensation. But his reign was short-lived once Glow grabbed the collab spotlight that fateful fall. 

Sure, his modern streetwear seems ordinary compared to today’s flashy crossovers, but the conditions to get him mean no one else can, landing IKONIK on our Rarest Fortnite Skins list.


Unlocking Omega’s styles during the Chapter 1 Season 4 Battle Pass grind cemented your status as an OG boss. This superhero-inspired rarity let you flex your dedication when Fortnite fever was hitting its peak. Now, spotting a complete Omega ensemble is extremely rare. The vaulted prestige and challenge-induced exclusivity land it a top slot on every “Rarest Fortnite Skins” list. 

Psycho Bandit 

The one-of-a-kind Psycho Bandit skin was unlockable for a short time by pre-ordering Borderlands 3 in the Epic Games Store, making it a rare gem. Its awesome design channels Borderlands’ iconic bandit psychos with the spiky mohawk, creepy mask, and totally chaotic patchwork outfit. It was also purchasable in the Item Shop for 2000 V-Bucks

Since the promotion ended years ago and it hasn’t been seen in the Item Shop since 2020, few players have been able to grab it. Now Psycho Bandit has become a sort of Holy Grail item for dedicated collectors and OG Fortnite fans. For those lucky enough to own Psycho Bandit, it’s easily their rarest and most valuable skin.


One of the most coveted and rarest Fortnite skins is Ragnarok, introduced in Chapter 1 Season 5. This Viking warrior was the final unlock in that Battle Pass, requiring players to hit Tier 100. But Ragnarok also had additional styles that could only be unlocked through a ton of XP grinding. Getting his complete set of armor and menacing helmets was a true dedication of time and effort. 

To this day, seeing a player fully decked out in Ragnarok gear is incredibly rare. It represents the mastery over that season’s Battle Pass through sheer time investment. With its fierce design and prestige as a Chapter 1 Season 5 exclusive, Ragnarok has rightfully earned a reputation as one of Fortnite’s rarest skins ever.

Renegade Raider

The Renegade Raider arrived in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 1, featuring a simple post-apocalyptic scavenger aesthetic with a bandana. Players had to reach level 20 and purchase her with V-Bucks to add her to their locker. Despite the straightforward design, her status as one of the earliest skins has transformed Renegade Raider into an incredibly rare OG symbol. Her exclusivity from that initial battle pass cements her place among the rarest Fortnite skins.

Royale Bomber

One of Fortnite’s original rare skins is Royale Bomber, which dates back to 2018. It was an exclusive PlayStation 4 bundle skin that embodied a retro pilot look. It has resurfaced through rare controller packs but not in the Item Shop. Attempting to buy an unused code now comes with exorbitant prices. And some argue the skin itself is rather basic, especially compared to recent designs. But Royale Bomber’s rarity and status as an OG cosmetic make it appealing to collectors. 


Shrouded in controversy, the elusive Rue skin is a Fortnite rarity. Despite minimal fanfare upon her April 2020 debut, there were uneasy murmurs about her uniform’s wartime likenesses. Rue vanished from the Item Shop after a mere 48 days. Now, as rumors swirl of her permanent ban, devoted owners cling to this coveted Fortnite, cementing her slot on every “rarest skins” register. Rue’s rumored removal only fuels the mystique.

Sparkle Specialist

One of the rarest Fortnite skins is Sparkle Specialist, an eye-catching disco outfit covered in shiny stars. This skin dates back to Chapter 1 Season 2’s Battle Pass. Players had to grind to Tier 56 to unlock it back then. But since Battle Pass skins don’t usually return to the Item Shop, Sparkle Specialist has never been available again after Season 2 ended. 

As a true OG skin, it shows you’ve been battling on the Island since the early days. A remixed Sparkle Supreme came later, but the original blue Sparkle Specialist remains elusive. Between its simplicity, nostalgia factor for veterans, and status as a Season 2 exclusive, Sparkle Specialist has rightfully earned her prestige.

Special Forces

The Special Forces skin brings us back to Season 1. Scoring this tactical fatigue ensemble meant catching it during its brief Item Shop cameos. He could be purchased for 1200 V-Bucks or 2400 V-Bucks as part of the Tabor Hill’s Locker Bundle. We haven’t seen this skin since 2019, so Special Forces continues staking his claim as one of Fortnite’s most coveted and elusive outfit skins.

Surf Strider

One of the most exclusive Fortnite skins is Surf Strider, a sleek wetsuit outfit that could only be obtained through a 2020-2021 Intel promotion. Players had to own a new 9th or 10th-generation Intel CPU and redeem the skin during that small window. Now that the promotion has ended, Surf Strider stands among the rarest skins in the game. Unless you upgraded your PC and claimed it back then, you’re out of luck. 

Surf Strider has not returned since and likely won’t again. Between the limited opportunity to get it and how briefly it was available, Surf Strider has cemented its status as one of the rarest Fortnite skins. Only a handful of dedicated players can show off this rare Intel exclusive with a slick surfing style. 

Travis Scott

Travis Scott remains the hottest Icon Series collab 995 days after blazing onto the Island. But rumblings suggest this coveted skin may remain locked away for good after the rap icon’s disastrous 2021 concert. While refunds raised suspicions of an incoming ban, devoted owners gripped their rare cop tight, skyrocketing its value. Now, this provocative skin elicits FOMO and envy, cementing its slot on all the Rarest Fortnite Skins lists. 


The Trilogy Fortnite skin showed up in Chapter 2 Season 1, as a PlayStation-exclusive trophy for the most diligent collectors. PlayStation Plus subscribers could obtain the Trilogy skin by snagging December 2019’s limited-run Fortnite PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack. Its three-year absence cements its slot on all the “rarest skins” lists while making it all the more prestigious. 


One of the rarest Fortnite skins is Xander, an elusive outfit that could only be obtained through the Refer-A-Friend program in Chapter 2 Season 5. To earn this desert warrior ensemble, players had to team up with a referred friend and together gain 60 levels during that season — no easy feat. With limited referral options and exploiting prohibited, barely anyone unlocked Xander before the program ended. 

Its brief availability, coupled with difficult requirements, makes it incredibly exclusive. Spotting a Xander nowadays immediately signifies a dedicated player who invested the time back then. While other skins rotate through the Item Shop, Xander likely won’t return, thanks to its status as a Refer-A-Friend exclusive. That prestige cements its rarity to this day as one of Fortnite’s most coveted skins.

With Fortnite showing no signs of slowing down, there will surely be more rare Fortnite skins coming our way. How many do you have?


  • Dayna Eileen

    Dayna is an all-Canadian long-time gamer and geek. She absolutely loves introducing the people she knows to her love for gaming and nerd culture. You can often find her writing about tech, gaming and media across the web.

Dayna Eileen

Written by Dayna Eileen

Dayna is an all-Canadian long-time gamer and geek. She absolutely loves introducing the people she knows to her love for gaming and nerd culture. You can often find her writing about tech, gaming and media across the web.

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