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7 Days to Die Beaker | Where to Find

7 Days to Die Beaker - Where to Find

An essential item you’ll need to craft in the late game of 7 Days to Die is a chemistry station. This handy lab can be used for making a variety of medical supplies that would otherwise be difficult to obtain on their own. But, speaking of difficult-to-come-by items, if you want to build the chemistry station, you’ll need to find a beaker. Yes, this simple glass cup can be the most difficult component to locate for the chemistry station. So, if you’re wondering where you can find one, keep reading, because we’ve got the answers below.

Where to Find a Beaker in 7 Days to Die

Where to Find a Beaker in 7 Days to Die

You can find beakers in 7 Days to Die inside garages, medicine cabinets, and supply crates. Pop-N-Pills buildings and boxes have also proved to be resourceful in finding a beaker. It’s worth noting that you can’t craft beakers manually. The only way to get them is by finding one at the locations we mentioned above or by buying one from the traders.

All of the traders sell a wide range of goods, however, they also specialize in certain items that they will sell more of. Trader Jen, for example, specializes in medical supplies. And, because beakers are considered medical supplies, there’s a better chance she’ll have one for sale than the other traders. That being said, it’s still worthwhile to check the other traders as there is still a chance they can sell a beaker.

Traders’ inventories reset every three in-game days. So, if you’ve scanned all of the trader’s inventories and simply can not find a beaker for the life of you, wait for a trader reset. Most likely, after two or three resets a beaker should be up for grabs at one of the traders. Going through the traders for beakers can be far more efficient than looking in medicine cabinets or Pop-N-Pills stores. However, if you’re waiting for the trader’s inventories to reset, it doesn’t hurt to search the first areas we mentioned that spawn beakers in the meantime!

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Written by Andrew Smith