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7 Days To Die Gyrocopter | How to Fly

7 Days To Die Gyrocopter - How to Fly

In 7 Days To Die, your survival hinges on your ability to use the items around you to their full advantage. Weapons, armor, and building supplies will get you far. But, you will also need to learn all of your mobility options if you want to survive for as long as possible. The Gyrocopter is a high-flying machine in 7 Days To Die, and it’s your primary means of flying across the map. This impressive device might seem daunting to pilot, but it is important to learn if you want to fly across the map easily. Let’s learn how to use this behemoth!

How to Fly the Gyrocopter in 7 Days to Die

How to Fly the Gyrocopter in 7 Days to Die

Once you’ve built a Gyrocopter in 7 Days To Die, you must fuel it by accessing the radial menu by holding the Interact button over it. Once it is fueled up, you must hold W (or forwards) to move forward, since the machine cannot fly without forward thrust. From there, it is important to control it’s “yaw” using A/D (Left/Right) and use the Spacebar (Jump) to pitch the nose upwards. You can pitch the nose down with C (Right-Stick Down) to lower altitude and ensure a tighter landing.

To craft a Gyrocopter, you need three Wheels, one Gyrocopter Chassis, one set of Gyrocopter Accessories, one Engine, and a Lead Car Battery. Most of these pieces are found by raiding cars, but the Gyrocopter Specific parts will need a ton of scrap. You’ll need Level 5 Grease Monkey or a good schematic to get those recipes.

The Gyrocopter’s first flight will always feel like a chore. After you refuel, you will need to spend the time to master some of the basic mechanics. The thing requires constant attention to stay in the air, so focus on maintaining flight for a few seconds.

Spacebar (Jump) also works on the ground as the Breaks, so be sure to use it frequently. In addition, you can change how the machine turns with Left Mouse (Attack) if you find the Banked Turns to be easier for you.

An important aspect of the Gyrocopter is fuel. Make sure you have plenty of spare fuel for yourself if you plan on going on a trip!

Written by Andrew Smith