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All Grounded Lab Locations | Oak, Hedge, and Haze Labs

Grounded Lab Locations

If you’re just getting started with Grounded Early Access, there are a few different Lab locations that you’ll be able to visit. The main storyline will take you to the Oak Lab, but there are actually two others that you can uncover by exploring around. In this guide, we will show you all of the Grounded Lab locations, including the Hedge and Haze Lab.

Where to Find Every Lab Location in Grounded

Grounded Lab Locations

At the time of writing, there are currently three lab locations in Grounded: the Oak, Hedge, and Haze Labs. Odds are you’ve already uncovered the Oak Lab, but you may not have known about the Hedge and Haze Labs, as you’d only find them if you’ve explored the map in detail. So, in the rest of the guide, we are going to break down where to find all three lab locations.

Oak Lab Location

Grounded Oak Lab Location

Players will be able to find the Oak Lab location naturally by completing the second half of the Mystery Machine quest that requires you to investigate the explosion at the oak tree. As you near the tree, you’ll see some purple smoke and upon investigation, you’ll find an open door hiding under a leaf that will lead to the inside of the lab.

Further, once inside, you’ll be able to find a BURG.L robot, that will give you daily quests in exchange for Raw Science and will tell you a bit more information about why you’ve been shrunk. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this is where the main story quests end, but there are still two other labs that you can uncover.

Hedge Lab Location

Grounded Hedge Lab Location

The second of the Lab locations is the Hedge Lab and it can be found in the hedge area on the eastern border of the map, near the house. There won’t be any story quests to lead you here, but if you’re able to find it, you’ll be able to get inside and uncover a secret message. You can see the location of the Hedge lab on the map above.

Unfortunately, getting inside is a bit tough, but it is possible. Basically, you have to climb up a tree and run along the branches until you find a side of the lab that has been opened that you can use to get inside. There is also a secret door that you can use to get inside the Hedge Lab, but using the explosion entrance is much simpler. We’ve included a video above that will show you how to get to the entrance, because it’s a bit tricky to explain.

Haze Lab Location

Grounded Haze Lab Location

The third and final of the lab locations in Grounded is the Haze Lab, and it can be found on the southwest side of the map, left of the giant rake. However, to get to it, you’ll need to craft a gas mask, as the area is, well, hazy.

To learn the recipe for a Gas Mask, you’ll need to obtain a Weevil’s nose and run it through the Analyzer. From there, you’ll need to combine the following ingredients.

  • Weevil Nose (1)
  • Gnat Fuzz (4)
  • Woven Fiber (2)
  • Stinkbug Feelers (1)

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get into the Haze Lab, as it’s currently locked and no one has been able to figure out how to get inside. However, with Obsidian promising monthly updates for Grounded, we may get a way in the final of the lab locations soon!

Written by Andrew Smith