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Among Us Character Customization | How to Create a Character

Character Customization

Among Us is the “newest” hit social deduction game for PC and mobile. Normally, the characters in the game are small, bean-like creatures that walk around in their color. However, if you want, you can get a bunch of clothes to decorate your crewmate. If you’re on PC, you get a huge selection of outfits for free! How do you do that, though? Character customization is pretty vague, so we hope this guide can help.

How Does Character Customization Work in Among Us?

To customize your character in Among Us, you must first join a game. After you join, walk over to the laptop in the waiting area and interact with it to open a menu. There, your cosmetics are waiting for you.

If you’re a mobile user, then you’ll have to pay for most skins. Some hats are given to you for free though, so go crazy! In order to get skins and pets, you have to pay for them. They aren’t too expensive, so just get your favorite ones! They sometimes come in packages (skin and hat) so look for those deals. However, you can get the Halloween skins for free.

If you’re a PC user, then you get all of the hats and skins for free. Pets, however, are a different story. All pets are a little bit expensive, so make sure you make the right choice! There aren’t too many pets yet, but InnerSloth has a bunch of references to their old games, and some cute sci-fi options. Check out the full list of options here.

And yes, technically it’s better to customize if you’re a crewmate and worse if you’re an imposter. But who cares! Have fun with it.

After you do character customization for the first time, your character will default to that look. Until, of course you interact with the laptop again and start the whole thing over.

Written by Andrew Smith