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Among Us | How to Change Chat Type

Among Us change chat type

Among Us serves as an example of a diamond in the rough, a game that rose from the ashes to revive on Twitch. It’s still going strong today, though its momentum has definitely slowed down. Something that may have not helped much is the Among Us chat type change, specifically for quick chat. This update is fairly old now, but it can still be a bit weird to handle. Even though the developers put it into the game with the best intentions, it can be a bit of a pain. Thankfully, there’s another option for you.

How to Change Chat Type in Among Us

Among Us change chat type

In order to change chat type in Among Us, you simply head to the Options menu, go to the “Data” section. Under that, you’ll see “Chat Type.” From there, you can switch between Quick Chat and Free or Quick Chat. The Free or Quick Chat option is only available to people with accounts 13 years or older.

Quick Chat was designed as a quick and easy way to play the game, swiping through a few different options rather than free chat. This is fine and does good enough, but it does lose some of the fun chaos that the game is well-known for. So, that’s why so many are looking for an option to change chat types. In most cases, there really isn’t a reason to not choose the “Free or Quick Chat” option when playing Among Us; you can use Quick Chat when it’s easy, and Free Chat when you’re trying to have fun.

The age restriction aspect of the chat is mostly for Nintendo Switch players but is fairly important for parents. Among Us is a really popular game, and that can lead to people using it in bad ways. Quick Chat is the answer, but most people can handle using other options. From what we can see, and from what Innersloth seems to mandate, the Quick Chat option does not disable players from seeing the normal chat. So, don’t worry about being at a disadvantage there!

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Written by Andrew Smith