Animal Crossing New Horizons Town Name Limit

Animal Crossing New Horizons Town Name Limit

We have been waiting with bated breath for Animal Crossing New Horizons and now that it is here, many of us are stuck at one of the hardest choices a gamer can make: Choosing a name. You see, in New Horizons, you must name your island. That’s right, instead of a town, you are in charge of a whole island this time! However, due to the Animal Crossing New Horizons town name limit, you might have to get creative.

What is the Animal Crossing New Horizons Town Name Limit?

Animal Crossing New Horizons Town Name Limit

Well, once again, this is not merely a town, but an island. That by itself could change your naming decisions. We are getting ahead of ourselves, though.

First, the character limit for your Animal Crossing New Horizons town name is ten (10), including spaces. That may not seem like a lot, but it is a fairly large improvement over previous titles in the series, which only allowed eight characters. Suddenly you can go from “Azkaban” or “Krakatoa” to “Guantanamo” or “Leningrad.”

When naming your island, keep in mind that the name is usually said by itself in dialogue, very seldom will you see “Island” attached to it. For example, maybe you were hoping to name your new home “Shutter” and have everyone call it “Shutter Island.” Unfortunately, due to the way the dialogue is set up, that won’t work.

Let’s be honest, that would have been a perfectly apt name for a place inhabited by people and animals condemned to eternal rictus grins and soulless eyes. On the other hand, though, it gives you more flexibility, since the name does not have to always be attached to an island theme. “Leningrad” is starting to sound a bit better, now, right?

Animal Crossing New Horizons Name Suggestions

With the Animal Crossing New Horizions town name limit forcing players to choose from a handful of island names, we’ve decided to throw out some of our favorite island name suggestions. See if you can guess which ones are popular on the internet and which came from my own twisted psyche!

  • Nook’s Nook 
  • AnimalFarm
  • Gilligan
  • UK
  • Hawaii
  • Cinnabar (Named after the island in the first Pokémon games. Actually, taking any video game island’s name might sound great! Anyone else going to borrow from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker?)
  • Christmas (Christmas Island)

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Written by Andrew Smith