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Assassin’s Creed Huldufolk Armor Set | How to Get

Huldufolk armor set

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla falls into some RPG traps. It can take a long time to get good weapons or armor. So, if you don’t have time for that, you can turn time into money and pick up some stronger armor with real cash! The Huldufolk armor set is one such item and it can really push you through the midgame, so it’s a pretty fair purchase if you have cash laying around. The only question is, how do you get it?

How to Get the Huldufolk Armor Set in AC Valhalla

The Huldufolk armor set is found in the Huldufolk Pack in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla‘s Helix Credit store. To get to the Helix Store, head to the main menu. You should see it as one of your options in these menus. You can enter the store to purchase Helix Credits, which can then be used to purchase armor, gold, and more. Before purchasing the pack, make sure the armor isn’t separate somewhere else for a cheaper price if you don’t like what the pack has to offer.

Once you’re in the store, check out the DLC packs. Scan through until you see the Huldufolk pack. This is a Raven Tree armor set with a focus on assassination before you fight. The more people you assassinate before a fight, the easier the fight will be.

The Huldufolk pack has a few additional elements in it, to round out the asking price of 1,500 Helix credits. The Huldufolk Blade, the Huldufolk Shield, the mount Hrimfaxi, and the Night Heron skin. The sword and shield are, unsurprisingly, continuing the theme of the armor. You’ll be comfortable with fighting enemies and assassinating enemies alike.

However, the Huldufolk armor set might be beyond the point in the game you’re in. If you don’t see it in your inventory right away, do not fear! You might not be quite ready for this midgame set yet. Try to push through main story quests until the game catches up with you. Also, make sure to check your Ubisoft email to make sure the purchase for the credits and the item had gone through.

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Written by Andrew Smith