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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Hidden Ones Armor Set Locations

AC Valhalla Hidden Ones Armor Set

Assassins Creed Valhalla has tons of armor sets scattered in its map for players to find. This is the same for the Hidden Ones Armor set, which can be difficult to find on the large map. Luckily, our guide will show you where to find all five locations so you can complete the armor set.

Where to Find Hidden Ones Armor Set in AC Valhalla

As you probably know by now, The Hidden Ones armor set will increase the player’s stealth abilities, which is quite important for a game about assassins. This set contains five pieces and can be found in multiple locations throughout the map. Below we will explain where to find each armor piece.


The Hidden Ones Leggings can be found in Glowecestrescire at the Temple of Ceres Bureau. After arriving, enter the temple and begin to clear a path to the right as you enter. When you have done this, you should see a hole you can climb through. You may need to slide in order to get through. Entering this hole, you should see a room full of green gas — you will want to keep your distance from this as it will slowly kill you.

To survive the gas, stand far away and toss a torch into it. This should cause it to ignite and disperse while allowing you to continue on your journey. Just be quick, because the gas will eventually return.

You should come across a hole in the floor that you can drop into, which has, you guessed it, more gas. You can exit this part by burning through the gas and traveling to the other side of the room. As you get there you should see an oil jar on the floor, you will need this jar for the next part.

First, you must throw your torch get rid of the gas that’s floating on the staircase. Then, you must go back and get the oil jar and use it to blow up the rubble wall that is covering the bureau’s main room. The chest containing the leggings should be in there.


In order to obtain the hood for the Hidden Ones armor set you must travel to Camulodunum Bureau which is in Essexe. When arriving, look for a staircase found in the southern portion of Essexe. You should see some rubble by the steps — you will need to blow this up in order to proceed. To do this, you must look for nearby oil jars. These can be found near the tree that is next to the water stream. Once you have found the jar, throw it at the rubble.

Now that the entrance is open and you have entered, you should see a corridor that has a barricaded door. In order to get past it, you must dive underwater and swim to the other side of the door. Continue to wander along the path until you come across yet another barred door. To get past this you must climb the wall to the left.

At the top of the wall you’ll see a platform, jump over to it. A locked door is on the other side, which needs a key to open. To find this key you must enter the water near the door and dive to the bottom, the key should be there. Use Odin’s Sight to help you locate it. Unlock the door and you should see another door which you can shoot to unlock and gain access to the other side.

Go back across and through the door and then you should see that you can go through the door that you couldn’t previously enter. After entering this door you should see the chest at the end of the corridor containing the hood.


To find the Robes of the Hidden Ones part armor set you must go to Jorvik and enter the Eboracum Bureau. You want to look for a graveyard located at the South-East corner of Jorvik. You should see a wooden floor in the graveyard. If you shoot this floor it will break, making an entrance. After entering the hole you should see a tunnel, go through this until you come across a room with water as well as platforms.

Climb these platforms and head to the right side of the room. You should enter a room. After entering the area you should see a bookshelf, climb it and you’ll find a key which you can take and use on a door to get to the chest with the Robes. If you cannot find the key, use Odin’s Sight to help locate it.


The Gloves can be found in the Ratae Bureau which is in Ledecestrescire. When arriving you can get to the chest two ways. The first being an underground passage which you can follow around to get the Gloves. The second is a hanging net of rubble, which you can shoot down causing a hole to appear for you to enter the Bureau and follow the path to the chest. The choice is yours.


The final item in the Hidden Ones armor set is the Mask. This can be obtained in the Londinium Bureau that is found in Lunden. First, you must find a large circular structure on one of the outside walls of Lunden.  When you are there, you should see a tree that hangs out over the city wall. Climb up to this tree and dive off it and into the wooden structure.

This should take you to a body of water, look for a breakable wooden wall that is found under the water. This should reveal a tunnel that you must follow. After following it, you should see an oil jar through the metal fence, shoot it and the chest is should be accessible.

And that is how to get all the parts for the Hidden Ones armor set. Now you should be sneakerier than ever. While you’re here, be sure to check out some of our other AC Valhalla guides.

Written by Andrew Smith