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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla | Kill or Spare Modron Choice

kill or spare Modron

During Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s epic campaign you will get many difficult choices. One of these being whether to kill or spare Modron. Now depending on what choice you make, this can affect your character in different ways. So if you are wondering what will happen after each choice and what is the best one for you, then continue reading.

Should You Kill or Spare Modron in AC Valhalla?

kill or spare Modron AC Valhalla

Before you can decide to kill or spare Mordon, you will need to defeat her in a boss battle first. After defeating her, she will speak to you one last time as she tries to convince you what she is doing is right. As she speaks Odin will appear trying to change your mind before you are given the choice. There are good reasons on why to kill or spare her, but the choice ultimately falls to you.

Kill Modron

If you choose to kill Modron you will deal one last fatal blow. Soon after doing this Modron’s child Gywenydd will rush out to their mother crying. After realizing what you have just done, Tewdwr will wake up and soon appear asking what happened. After telling Tewdwr what happened, he will take care of Gywenydd now that Modron is no more.

Sparing Modron

If you decide to spare Modron, Gywenydd will still run out but this time curious about what’s going on. The two will hug before Tewdwr appears again for Eivor to tell him what is going on. Modron will let you and Tewdwr leave whilst she and Gywenydd stay.

That is what happens if you kill or spare Modron. What will you choose? If you like guides and want to see some more, then check out the links below!



Written by Andrew Smith