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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Offchurch Gear Location

Offchurch Gear Location

During the Tilting the Balance quest in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, you’ll eventually make your way to an area called Offchurch. This is where King Burgred is hiding and is also home to two pieces of gear that you’ll want to pick up: the Fyrd Spear and the Spulcher Axe. In this guide, we will take you to both of the Offchurch gear locations. Let’s get started!

Where to Find Offchurch Gear in AC Valhalla

Offchurch Gear Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Both pieces of Offchurch gear are located in the underground area where King Burgred is hiding. You’ll find the entrance in the middle of town, patrolled by a guard. While you’re looking for the king, you’ll be able to collect the Fyrd Spear and the Spulcher Axe. If you’re not sure where the entrance is located, just look for the tallest building in the area — it also has a cross on top of it. If you keep reading, we’ll explain where to find each location below.

Fyrd Spear Location

Offchurch Gear Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

To find the first piece of Offchurch gear, you’re going to need to go for a swim. Head into the underground entrance and go down the first set of stairs. Continue straight and go up the next set and round the corner to your right. Inside the room, you’ll see a blocked entrance on your left (there may also be a guard there.)

To get the Fyrd Spear, you need to shoot the barrel at the base of the entrance with an arrow to cause an explosion (or pick it up and throw it if you’re out of arrows) and clear the debris. Head down the steps and into the body of water. Swim to the opposite side of the room and then dive down through the hole in the floor and you’ll find the gear chest at the bottom of the water. Simply dive down and open it to get the Fyrd Spear.

Spulcher Axe Location

AC Valhalla Offchurch Gear

To get the Spulcher Axe, you’ll need to actively be on the Tilting the Balance quest (or have beaten it already). It will require you to find a key to unlock the room that King Burgred is hiding in and the key won’t spawn unless you’re on the quest. So if you don’t have it yet, you’ll need to work your way through the Kingmaker’s Saga storyline.

However, if you’re currently working on it or have beaten it you can easily find the second piece of Offchurch gear in the room that is housing King Burgred. Head into the same underground area that you did for the spear and instead of going though the left entrance to get the spear, continue straight through the door. There will be a guard in here that you need to kill to pick up the key. If you cannot find it, use Odin’s Sight to reveal its location.

Pick up the key and use it to unlock the doors and defeat Kind Burgred. Once you have him tied up, you’ll find the Offchurch gear in the back left corner of the room. Congrats, you now have the Spulcher Axe!

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Written by Andrew Smith