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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Orlog Player Locations | Where to Find

Orlog Player Locations

Ready to roll some dice? If so, Orlog is the game for you! This dice game is scattered all over Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and you’ll find players from England to Norway. If you’re an achievement hunter, you’ll need to destroy all 19 players to get the Orlog Champion achievement. So, if you’re looking for a fun game or a special badge, we’re here to guide you to all of the Orlog player locations!

Where to Find Orlog Players in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

There are 19 total Orlog player locations, two of which can be found in Norway and the other 17 are found in England. All of them can be revisited after the story is completed. You may want to wait for the post-game to visit some of them, but most stick around in bigger cities.

Norway Orlog Players

  1. Stavenger: At the south-west island of Norway. Head to the town plaza and you should see the player in front of a building.
  2. Fornburg: In the south-east of Norway. This village is a little bit easier to navigate; look for the two dice in front of the Town Hall.

England Players

  1. Eurviscire: Within the town of Picheringa. The player should be near the center of the town.
  2. Jorvik: In the northern part of the town. Once again, use the compass to guide you.
  3. Eurviscire: Within the town of Doncaster. You should find the player outside of the building in the north-east of the town.
  4. Lincolnshire: Within the town of Grimsby. Head near the water, to the north-east of the small village.
  5. Sciropescire: Within the town of Quatford. Head near the center of the town, between the horses and the general merchant.
  6. Ledecestrescire: Within the Ragnarsson War Camp.
  7. Ravensthorpe: Right above the curve in the Nent River. You’ll find it in a port town to the west of the Wayfarer’s Camp.
  8. East Anglia: Within the town of Northwic. Head towards the south-west of the rather large town.
  9. Grantebridgescire: Within the town of Grantebridge. Head towards the town’s center.
  10. Oxenefordscire: Near the south-middle of Buckingham. We highly recommend looking for the dice, so you don’t get lost.
  11. Glowecestrescire: In the city of Glowecestre. Head for the town plaza to find this player.
  12. Essexe: In the city of Colcestre. Head to the far south-west of the town, almost outside of the walls.
  13. Lunden: In the titular city. Head to the south-east of the town, near the general market and to the far east of the port.
  14. Hamtunscire: In Fearnhamme. Head to the center of the town, it’s not too hard to find.
  15. Suthsexe: In the town of Crawleah. Head to the western side of the town.
  16. Cent: In the southern part of the town of Folcanstan.
  17. Wincestre: In the city we know and love. Head to the northern part of town, near the market.

There you have it, all of the Orlog player locations in Assassins’ Creed Valhalla. Now you should be able to get the Orlog Champion trophy crossed off your list.

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Written by Andrew Smith