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Astral Chain Japanese Audio | How to enable dual audio

Astral Chain Japanese Audio

Fans of Japanese developed games and language enthusiasts are always eager for a native language option. Many titles support Japanese audio, and it’s truly the most natural way to experience such games. Dialogue is best heard as intended and Astral Chain is no exception. Here’s how to enable the Astral Chain Japanese audio. 

How to Enable Astral Chain Japanese Audio

Astral Chain Japanese Audio

For many games, dual audio is an option available right from the start. Usually, perusing through the main menu and options yields a language toggle. Sometimes the switch is buried in the audio settings, or somewhere seemingly random. This isn’t the case for Astral Chain. 

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There’s a unique and perhaps annoying take on enabling Japanese audio in Astral Chain. Rather than providing the option right at the start, players are able to switch over to Japanese later on in the game. Fortunately, it’s not a “beat the story mode” kind of deal. 

Astral Chain requires players to endure the first chapter in English. After grappling through the first level, listening to familiar sounds and syntax all the way through, players can access the options menu and change the audio to Japanese.

Thankfully, there is also one other way to change the language to Japanese. Players can load up the game, skip to character creation, and turn off their Switch, the main menu becomes accessible. From there, thumbing over to audio and language settings nets a language toggle. From that, the Astral Chain Japanese audio is fully available. 

Whether or not dubbed audio is better or worse is a moot point. Players will have their preferences and opinions, calling all other views wrong. Unfortunately, the developers seem to have forgotten this. While a simple pre-game prompt would have sufficed, players are left with an odd work-around.

Written by Andrew Smith

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