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Astral Chain Legion Maintenance | What is the minigame?

Astral Chain Legion Maintenance

There are tons of different things for players to do throughout Astral ChainHowever, there is one portion of the game that has players a little bit confused – Legion Maintenance. This is a minigame that appears at the beginning of each File, but doesn’t seem to have a purpose. Here is what you need to know about the Astral Chain Legion Maintenance minigame.

What is the Astral Chain Legion Maintenance Minigame?

Astral Chain Legion Maintenance

If you’ve been playing for a while, then you’ve likely realized that there is pattern to the Legion Maintenance minigame. As you’ve probably figured out, it seems to appear at the beginning of every new File (story). If it appears constantly, odds are it’s important, right?

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Unfortunately that doesn’t really seem to be the case. The Astral Chain Legion Maintenance minigame seems to be nothing but a time filler with no real value. Sure it is a fun thing to do as you prepare for the next File, but as far as purpose goes, it doesn’t stretch beyond entertainment.

If you’ve found yourself playing this minigame over and over again hoping to eventually get something in return, it doesn’t appear that that day will come for you.  For that reason, players on the Astral Chain subreddit have criticized the seemingly useless mechanic, stating that it is a missed opportunity by developers.

The Redditors do bring up a good point. This could have been an easy way for developers to help players level scale or earn added statistical bonuses as a reward for playing that would help them as they progress through the game.

However, we must remember that no one is perfect and that the Astral Chain Legion Maintenance minigame is a fun add-on that players are able to participate it. While it may be a missed opportunity, there is no harm in it.

Written by Andrew Smith

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