The Best DPS in Dragonflight – Updated for Patch 10.2.6

Best DPS Dragonflight
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The latest patch for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has been released. As a result, classes have received several buffs and nerfs along the way. This is the current standings for the best DPS specs in Dragonflight right now. Season four is just around the corner, and there could be any number of changes to the classes and specs on this list.

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S Tier – Fire Mage

Fire Mage has jumped up to the S tier. While they haven’t received any changes, they have climbed up to the top rankings with their consistent damage. If you like to do high-end Mythic+ keys, Fire Mage is a great way to output a tonne of DPS without having a huge rotation. 

Not only do they have phenomenal burst damage that can really carry a tough situation, but they also have a group-wide utility such as Arcane Intellect and Timewarp. One of their most useful abilities is the Mass Barrier, which can help soak group-wide damage. 

The only downside to a Fire Mage is that it starts to lack DPS output the quicker enemies die. However, they still do a great job.

S Tier – Shadow Priest

Previously not even coming into the top rankings, Shadow Priest has made an appearance on this tier list. They have come a long way over the three seasons in WoW: Dragonflight and are now some of the most reliable damage classes in the game. In the latest patch, they received a ton of buffs to their core damaging spells, helping heave that damage up so that they are now useful in Mythic+ scenarios. Along with the addition of Psychic Touch, Shadow Priest has a solid damage profile, and there is no real worry about them dropping lower this season. 

Not only do they have great damage, but they also have fantastic utility. They come in hot with Power Infusion, which, combined with Twins of the Sun Priestess, allows for some great burst damage from both you and another player. 

S Tier – Augmentation Evoker

In the latest patch, Augmentation Evoker has received no buffs or nerfs. As a result, this leaves them sitting comfortably in the S tier. Their damage output is still great, and their utility still stands strong in a Mythic or Raid setting.

Augmentation Evoker is quite a difficult class to get the hang of. That said, once you know how to play the Aug Evoker, you can output some high damage. Not only that, but in terms of DPS utility, Augmentation Evoker has some of the best in the game. Their CC game is fantastic, especially with Tail Swipe, Upheaval, and Wing Buffet. Aspects’ Favor is one of their best talents and can give them a chunky amount of HP to work with. To make it even better, it has a short cooldown, which can be utilized as and when needed.

They are also an incredible asset to a team when using Fury of the Aspects. Who doesn’t want a free bloodlust in a raid or dungeon? 

A+ Tier – Outlaw Rogue

The Outlaw Rogue is now in the spotlight. They have become one of the best damage specs to play in the game. While they have received no changes to their spells and utility, they have now become noticed in the most recent patches for their solid damage output. From great AoE damage to single-target, there isn’t really an area where they don’t excel. They are a versatile spec to play across Mythic+ and Raid. From great damage output to some great utility and several defensive abilities, there’s really nothing to lose by playing them.

A Tier – Destruction Warlock

Destro Warlocks can be a pretty fun specialization to play and have some great damage output. Their toolkit offers a slew of abilities that make them a real asset in Mythic+ settings. However, if you struggle to do AoE damage, you may want to utilize the Summon Infernal ability a little bit more, as it can help beef up the damage. 

If you’re a fan of aiming for single-target damage, the Destruction Warlock’s tier set helps with this and can help boost your DPS. Compared to other classes, they don’t have burst windows out of the gate. Instead, the longer enemies live, the more damage they will do overall, as it gives them time to cast their spells accordingly.

A Tier – Havoc Demon Hunter

Since their rework, they haven’t experienced any new changes to their abilities. As a result, they remain one of the strongest and most consistent picks for Mythic+ and Raiding. Although they have received a couple of nerfs in recent patches, their damage is still useful and allows them to excel as a melee class compared to some of the other melees available.

A Tier – Balance Druid

Balance Druids have fantastic utility as they bring abilities such as Typhoon, Remove Corruption, Solar Beam, and Incapacitating Roar to the table. This spec has great AoE damage but falters slightly in the single-target damage department. While their single-target damage is still okay, there are better classes and specs out there. Their survivability is great with the use of Bear Form, and Mark of the Wild is a great buff that can be utilized in both dungeons and raids. 

Although Balance Druids may not seem all that impressive in the lower keys, they can excel in high-end keys where enemies live longer. Instead of having burst windows, they have higher damage output the longer the enemies survive. When in a higher key, this can be particularly helpful instead of having a burst window. In the right hands, a Balance Druid can perform incredibly well.

A Tier – Retribution Paladin

Once removed from this list, they’ve now made a reappearance. In the latest patch for WoW: Dragonflight, they have received huge buffs to abilities and talents such as Wake of Ashes, Truth’s Wake, Seething Flames, Blade of Justice, and Final Verdict. Because of these changes, Ret Paladin now remains a strong contender for the rest of season three and is looking to have some strong capabilities in season four should their damage stay the same.

Out of all of the DPS classes, Retribution Pallys have some of the best group-wide utilities, such as the auras that they can equip. They are one of the DPS classes that you don’t need to worry about protecting too much, as they have some fantastic defensives to keep themself safe in a sticky situation.

A Tier – Frost Mage

They’ve received some buffs to their single-target damage in the most recent patches. This is allowing them to stay in the A tier. Where Fire Mage excels at AoE and single-target, Frost Mage excels at single-target damage exclusively. Their rotation is small and consistent, but they can produce some wild damage output, making them a great choice for Mythic+ content. Of course, as a mage, they are relatively squishy and may need some protection from other classes.

That said, they have great utility and defensives with a Mass Barrier, Polymorph, and Arcane Intellect.

Aug Evoker
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A Tier – Demonology Warlock

Although they are lower on this list, when it comes to consistency, they have some great DPS. They are an all-rounder class with great AoE damage with fantastic single-target damage when needed. 

Demonology Warlocks are a great asset in Mythic+ content, as their damage is solid, and they have some great utility, too. With how well they function in group content, they could be set up to be one of the best ranged DPS classes in season four with the rate they’re going. 

B Tier – Arcane Mage

While Arcane Mage isn’t as strong as its counterparts, it can still be a powerhouse in a Mythic+ dungeon. They have some of the best burst damage available. Arcane Mages have a simple rotation and consistent damage output. They can be very valuable when taking out high-damage packs with ease. 

Like their counterparts, they also have great survivability and utility. The only downside to an Arcane Mage is the need to stay still to cast abilities, which can make it difficult if you’re dealing with affixes that require you to be on the move.

B Tier – Unholy Death Knight

The Unholy Death Knight has returned to the list, as they received a 4% buff to their damage, making them a more consistent option than they were previously. While some of their burst damage was taken away in the first half of the season, they have bounced right back and are back to having some great burst damage. Not only is their burst great, but they also have some pretty decent sustained damage now, making them significantly better than they started off in the season. 

Plus, they have some great survivability and utility. What’s not to love about having a DK on your team?

B Tier – Windwalker Monk

Windwalker Monk has now popped up on the list of best DPS in WoW: Dragonflight. While they didn’t receive any changes in the most recent patch, their burst damage has become more noticeable, and as a result, they have become more useful in the second half of the season. Before the most recent patches, they received a couple of buffs, which made a huge difference in the damage rotation of the Windwalker Monk. 

They have great survivability and can easily take care of themselves in group content without stressing the other members. While they have some high-burst capability and sustained damage, their rotation is still lacking ever so slightly, and the RNG-like style of their toolkit can make it hard for them to excel unless they’re in the right hands.

B Tier – Subtlety Rogue

The Subtlety Rogue stays put in B-tier, but they are still a fantastic choice to take into Mythic+ dungeons this season. Their overall damage can be pretty good, and they have a lot of utility to help them avoid sticky situations. Gouge, Blind, and Shroud of Concealment are incredibly helpful and will not benefit a party. Their overall usefulness is situational, with them excelling in some dungeons and struggling in others. Overall, though, their damage remains strong, and their utility will never be helpful.

Since the last update, they have received a 6% nerf to their Eviscerate. As a result, they haven’t been able to climb up in the rankings and are staying put in the B tier. Luckily, they are still outputting quality damage and sustained damage. 

B Tier – Survival Hunter

Survival Hunter is staying firmly in the B tier. While they did receive a buff, giving them a flat damage increase, it hasn’t been enough to boost them up in the roster. Luckily, they are still a great asset to have on the team. They have some great burst damage and good single-target damage, which can be useful for boss fights in Mythic+ and Raids or those really tricky mobs that do a lot of damage. 

With the latest buff and the raid-wide buff Hunter’s Mark, they can do more damage overall and sustain that throughout tricky fights. As a result, they’ve closed the gap between them and some of the other specs on this list.

Wrapping up Our Best DPS in Dragonflight List

There have been some drastic shuffles and some newcomers on this list. Overall, the ones on the list have predominantly stayed on the list throughout the patches. 

What are your predictions for season 4?

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  1. You are basing this on data pulled from pre-patch including the old legendary effects, conduits, etc. It’s all very, very wrong now. Affliction is actually at the very bottom now that they’ve taken away all the borrowed power.

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