The Best Fishing Games to Play Right Now

With this list of some of the best fishing games, perhaps you’ll rethink your opinion on fishing as a recreational sport. Plus, you won’t have to experience the long wait and sunburns that are always accompanied by a long day of fishing outdoors. 

We’ve also decided to sprinkle in some commendable games with good fishing mechanics in case you don’t want to focus on just fishing.

Additionally, if you enjoy playing weird simulator games, we’ve got a list of the strangest simulators for you to enjoy!

Here are the best fishing games you can play right now!

Fishing Planet Is Among The Best Fishing Games

Fishing Planet
Photo Credits: Fishing Planet LLC

Starting off the list with one of the most realistic fishing games you can get on the market, we have Fishing Planet. This immersive fishing game has two significant downsides for most players. First is the long waiting time, which is as realistic as fishing in real life. The second is the confusing UX/UI menu.

If you’re okay with those two cons, Fishing Planet will offer you a rewarding and realistic experience. The only thing missing is the great outdoors and the feel of a fishing rod in your hands. Definitely for the hardcore fishing fans who for some reason are unable to leave their homes.

Best part? It’s free!

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves
Photo Credits: Rare

Although it is technically a chaotic seafaring pirate game, Sea of Thieves has some rather good fishing mechanics in place as well. Honestly, it is one of the best fishing games that aren’t completely a fishing game out there. Fishing in Sea of Thieves is one of the main ways for characters to get food in the game.

It is also one of the best ways to relax from all the adventuring, fighting and plundering that you’ll be getting up to throughout the seven seas. The fishing mechanic itself is quite basic and there are a total of 10 different species with up to 5 different variants. The fish require different bait and can be found in different waters.

These fish can either be cooked, made into trophies or sold for gold, reputation and/or commendations. A pirate’s life indeed.

Sega Bass Fishing

Sega Bass Fishing
Photo Credits: Sega

If you’re all about that bass, Sega Bass Fishing should catch your eye. It is an oldie but was once hailed as one of the best fishing games out there. Upon its release, it came with a fishing rod controller on the Dreamcast. This meant that rather than a press of a button, you can cast your rod through a flick of the wrist.

Going down memory lane or spending some time relaxing with Sega Bass Fishing seems like a weekend well spent. After two decades after its release, the game’s visuals are dated, but the excitement and fun are still there for you to enjoy. There are eight different locations for you to motor out to as well. 

Your goal: catch the biggest and most powerful Bass to ever exist.

The Catch: Carp & Coarse

The Catch: Carp and Coarse
Photo Credits: Dovetail Games

Your aim in The Catch is to travel to five locations around the world in an attempt to catch 35 unique species of fish. Each fish has its specifications and tactic to catch which is up to you to figure out. The various locations offer their own set of challenges for you to contend with as well.

Alongside these 35 unique fish species, there are 125 Legendary Boss Fish and 11 Monster Boss Fish for you to hunt down and capture as well. Furthermore, if you’re feeling feisty or have grown tired of playing solo, there’s also a multiplayer option and tournaments for competitive fishing that you can join.

The Catch provides a different spin on the typical fishing game, with more fish, challenges and a competitive edge. 

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley
Photo Credits: ConcernedApe

One of the many things you can do in Stardew Valley is fish. So far, it seems that Stardew Valley players are divided in a hate-love relationship with the fishing mechanic in this game. Mainly because its mechanics can be difficult to grasp as a low-level fisher, and you’ll need a decent amount of practice to get it right or level up.

However, for those that enjoy fishing in Stardew Valley, it’s a calming and adrenaline-rushing process that is most satisfying when a ‘Perfect Catch’ arises. Naturally, there are multiple fishing zones which grant different fish. As the season and weather affect your crops and livestock, it affects the types of fish as well.

A lot of factors have to be taken into account if you’re aiming for a specific fish in Stardew Valley. This adds to the challenge and overall gratification.

Moonglow Bay Is The Fishing Game From An Indie Developer

Moonglow Bay
Photo Credits: Bunnyhug

A slightly more recent release in the world of fishing games, we have Moonglow Bay! This indie game has easily won over the fishing community, especially beginners to the genre. Moonglow Bay is an RPG with a tragic story that allows you to hone your fishing skills while working together to rebuild a town with its residents. 

You can play this solo or drop in a local co-op with your friends as well. Other than fish, there are various quests for you to complete and mythical creatures to encounter. All this while rebuilding the fishing town and staying true to your partner’s last wishes.

Moonglow Bay has a lazy town feel, beautiful soundtrack and stunning voxel art graphics to its name.

Fishing Master

Fishing Master
Photo Credits: Snowball Games

This one is for VR users that are looking for a reliable fishing experience without leaving the comforts of their homes. There are about 200 species of fish to catch, each with its unique behaviours. It all depends on your skills in the end, but you do have over 50 fishing tools to mix and match!

There are 9 different famous fishing locations for you to discover as well. If all this gets too mundane, you can join in on competitive fishing tournaments at each fishing ground and show everyone your skills. 

There’s also a demo version that you can try out beforehand if you’re not looking to commit just yet. Overall, Fishing Master is great for those looking for a VR fishing experience.

Red Dead Redemption 2: The Best Fishing Game You Can Unlock Inside Another Game

Red Dead Redemption 2
Photo Credits: Rockstar Games

It may come off as a surprise that one of the best fishing game mechanics is available in Red Dead Redemption 2, but don’t knock it till you try it! To unlock the fishing mechanic, you would have to finish chapter 2 mission, ‘A Fisher of Men’.

To put things into perspective, there are 15 species of fish to catch, and a legendary version of those as well. The type of fish you catch depends on the bait you use, the weather, and your location or region. You can cook, donate or sell your fish for profit.

As a completionist that would like to collect all the fish and legendaries available, Red Dead Redemption 2’s fishing mechanic provides a fun challenge. Plus, you can relax when you’re tired of your usual quests and storylines.

Catch and Release

Catch and Release
Photo Credits: Metricminds GmbH & Co. KG

Dubbed as a meditative and relaxing experience for VR users, Catch and Release places you on a rowboat in the middle of a lake surrounded by mountains. All you need to do is pick a spot and fish.

You can row around to find the right spot or scenery that brings you inner peace. Additionally, you can listen to the various radio stations, skip some stones on the lake or interact with the many items around you. Naturally, you can play the game however you want – relaxed or challenging yourself to catch the biggest fish out there.

Catch and Release allow you to catch some fish and release some tension in a peaceful mountainside lake setting.

Russian Fishing 4: The Best Fishing Game For Open-World Evolution

Russian Fishing 4
Photo Credits: Russian Fishing

As the fourth installment of the series, Russian Fishing is back to bring you another unique fishing experience in an open world. This time, the experience adds more nature into the mix. This game is ‘Created by Anglers for Anglers’, a saying the developers hold true. Hence, you are sure to find something to love.

The game currently has 15 reservoirs with different weather conditions to experience and fish to catch. Speaking of, there are more than 110 species of fish and all sorts of equipment available to make use of. If you’re not comfortable in a boat, you can even fish on the shoreline.

You can even try out different fishing techniques or pick the one you’re accustomed to in real life. Mainly because all the techniques are based on real-life experiences. 

What makes Russian Fishing 4 one of the best fishing games out there is that it continues to evolve and change. It also implements real-life situations, methods, and more into its gameplay and mechanics.

Rapala Fishing: Pro Series

Rapala Fishing Pro Series
Photo Credits: Game Mill Entertainment

If you’re on the hunt for something more competitive, Rapala Fishing: Pro Series is a great choice. It is also available on most platforms. In this fishing game, your goal is to build a reputation in the world of competitive fishing. As well as to be a part of the renowned Pro Series Team.

Furthermore, with all sorts of awards and trophies to be won, your competitiveness and fishing skills are sure to be challenged. Your journey to become a professional angler for the number one fishing brand in the world is no easy feat. 

You’ll have to capture the top 17 species of fish in your tournaments while gaining sponsors and fame. There’s also all sorts of equipment to unlock and legendary fish to capture as usual.

Aside from all this competitiveness, the game’s winning point is being able to stuff all these features onto various platforms. Notably, the Nintendo Switch. If anything, this is one of the best fishing games currently available on the Switch platform.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved
Photo Credits: Studio Wildcard

In a game about survival, it would be a crime to not include fishing as part of its hunting mechanics. Although the game’s fishing mechanics are not as fleshed out as most on this list, it still provides a break from a game where trying to survive is your utmost priority.

The mechanics are simple – you must be sitting on something to fish and there are only 3 species of fish to catch. Your catch grants you two types of fish meat and blueprints. These blueprints help you craft armor, saddles, and weapons. In terms of bait, there are 5 to choose from and each yields different results.

The challenge when it comes to fishing in Ark: Survival Evolved is that there is a quick time event that starts when your bait is caught by a fish. You need to surpass this event by pressing some buttons in the right sequence to get a catch. And, if you break your fishing rod, you would need to make a new one entirely.

You know what they say – no pain, no gain.

Fishing Sim World Pro Tour

Fishing Sim World Pro Tour
Photo Credits: Dovetail Games

As its name suggests, this is a fishing simulator where you go pro! Similar to Rapala Fishing, you start from the bottom and work your way to the top as an elite angler. The game provides a realistic career mode for you to experience becoming a professional angler.

You’ll get to play against the best 100 anglers in the world. It takes all your skills, tactics and strategizing to beat the best of the best. There’s also an online tournament for you to participate in to be ‘Angler of The Month’ and win great rewards.

Once you get tired of all that, you can challenge your friends through custom multiplayer rounds as well. In this sense, you get to determine all the aspects of your match and see who is the best angler in your circle.

Kawa No Nushi Tsuri: The Best Fishing Game For Retro Gaming

Kawa No Nushi Tsuri
Photo Credits: Marvelous

The oldest title on this list, we have Kawa No Nushi Tsuri. It’s a title we have to pay tribute to, especially in a list of the best fishing games. The game is known as River King or Harvest Fishing in some regions. It was originally released from 1990 on the Game Boy to 2009 on the Nintendo DS. 

With that said, if you’re looking for some nostalgia or to try it out for fun, you might need to find an emulator. This was one of the first fishing-themed RPGs to ever be released after all. River King is a mix of fishing, adventures, and battles through various towns. It has a Pokemon vibe to it, with none of the monsters.

Interestingly, this game is about a boy on a journey to become a master fisherman. He needs to catch a legendary fish that provides a cure-all for his sick sister. Those who prefer fishing with a side of adventure would be intrigued by this old game.

Euro Fishing

Euro Fishing
Photo Credits: Dovetail Games

There are a lot of mixed reviews on Euro Fishing, especially since it seems as though its developers have decided to move on and pay attention to their other games instead. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a simple and chill time focused on European fishing spots, it is a good game to have.

You can customize your equipment to better suit your fishing tactics before you fish. Additionally, the game itself attempts to replicate the fishing rod casting mechanics and feel through its ‘Total Cast Control’ mechanic as well. 

Similar to the other fishing games from Dovetail Games, you can either fish solo or challenge yourself with some multiplayer tournaments.

New World

New World
Photo Credits: Amazon Game Studios

Even if New World is a relatively new game, its fishing mechanics and quests are rather fleshed out. To begin fishing, you need to get a fishing rod by completing the first fishing quest given to you.

Location is everything when fishing in New World as its fish species are separated by freshwater and saltwater, similar to real life. There are several factors that you need to take into account when fishing as well – casting distance, water depth, type of fishing pole, and type of bait. 

You also need to get through the hooking and tension stage to successfully catch a fish. Hence, it is not as easy as most side-game mechanics. This makes it a fun challenge and one of the best fishing game mechanics to be implemented in a game where fishing is a side focus.

Fishing North Atlantic

Fishing North Atlantic
Photo Credits: Misc Games AS

Now, this is more of a commercial fishing vibe, so if you’re not into commercial fishing boats and deep-sea fishing, you can just scroll on by. Fishing North Atlantic is the sequel to Fishing: Barents Sea, this time placing you in the oceans of Nova Scotia.

One of the fun parts is being able to upgrade your fishing tech and ship as you continue to progress through the game. You’ll get to explore all types of commercial fishing techniques and styles that you won’t be able to in real life like harpooning and trawling. 

Building a career and planning your year to be fruitful and abundant with the various challenges and difficulties that lie ahead sounds like an experience indeed. This makes Fishing North Atlantic dubbed the best fishing game that focuses on commercial fishing.

Legendary Fishing

Legendary Fishing
Photo Credits: SIMS Co. Ltd

All in all, Legendary Fishing is a rather straightforward game. You get to attempt catching 20 different species of fish in various destinations as well as complete some fishing missions. This game has three different modes to add more variety to your gameplay as well.

The game offers a career mode with missions to complete, an arcade mode for you to play in multiplayer and a zen mode where you get to fish and chill. Depending on your mood, you can choose to enjoy your fishing experience in any way you want.

Legendary Fishing is also a rare catch on the Nintendo Switch, so you can play on the go!

There you have it! These are some of the best fishing games that are available for you to experience. If you have any more recommendations that we’ve missed out on, feel free to let us know in the comments below. We’d love to know and add it to the list!


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Sarah Paul

Written by Sarah Paul

I dip my toes in all things nerdy. I started writing and never looked back! I'll write about anything under the sun if you give me the chance, but my loyalty currently lies with nerd culture.

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