The Best Healers for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Updated for Patch 10.2.6

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The latest patch has come out for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, where plenty of classes and specs have received detrimental buffs and nerfs. As a result, the tier lists have shuffled considerably. Here are the current standings for the healers in WoW: Dragonflight.

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S Tier – Discipline Priest

While the Discipline Priest is incredibly tricky to play, they have some of the best payoffs out of all the healing classes available. They are beneficial and somewhat vital for a great team comp in Mythic+ dungeons, as Power Word: Radiance applies Atonement group-wide, which can be incredibly useful, especially before a big fight. Unlike most healing specs, Discipline Priests don’t rely on long, heavy cooldowns. Rapture and Power Word: Barrier go hand in hand and can be used defensively and reactively. 

Not only do they have great healing, but they can also deal some pretty juicy damage. Combining Mindbender with Mind Blast and Shadow Covenant can lead to great healing and good damage output. Despite having a near-perfect kit in group content, their defensive capabilities are not fantastic, and they often find themselves struggling with self-sustain in this area. Compared to other healers, they have fewer disruptions and can only rely on Mass Dispel and Psychic Scream, with no access to a proper interrupt. Another fatal flaw of the Discipline Priest is that they need to be able to stand still to heal. This means when it comes to Mythic+ keys with affixes that require a lot of dodging, they are no longer one of the best assets and can fall off quite quickly.

S Tier – Restoration Druid

Resto Druids are incredibly strong and have some of the best healing in the game. As a result, they have jumped from A tier to S tier. With the new patch, they received a huge buff to their Rejuvenation spell. This makes them one of the most consistent healers with strong damage output. There is no reason not to have a Resto Druid on your team if you can get one for your Mythic+ keys. 

Between their great healing, utility, and survivability, they will always be one of the top healers, coming out fighting at the end of season three. Having access to your other forms can make it very useful if you’re trying to play defensively. On top of that, Resto Druids have some fantastic range with their cooldowns and a wide range of abilities to use to heal teammates. Not only are they an asset in Mythic+, but they are also great to have on the team in a Raid.

A Tier – Mistweaver Monk

Mistweaver Monk is staying put in the A tier. While they did receive a 6% nerf to their flat healing, they are still pretty good at what they do. The only talents and abilities that didn’t get any form of nerf were Jadefire Stomp, Sheilun’s Gift, and Expel Harm. Despite receiving the nerf, it didn’t affect their standing in the tier list, as their healing is still consistent and strong throughout season three. With a multitude of buffs through the previous patches, Mistweaver Monk is looking the best it has been this entire expansion, and they can only continue to go up from here, right?

While their healing is consistent, they also have a great damage profile to boot, making them a huge asset in group content.

Emerald Dream environment in WoW: Dragonflight
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A Tier – Holy Paladin

In the latest patch, Holy Paladin has received a significant buff to some of the most important abilities. This includes Consecration and Shield of the Righteous, which the Paladin relies on. Between their damage profile and their healing, they are one of the most competitive healers due to their damage output. Despite not being considered a meta pick, they fit into any group composition, whether Mythic+ or Raiding.

Out of all the healers available, they have some of the best utility and some great CC. Additionally, they can resurrect during combat, which gives them a huge advantage over some of the other healers on this list. 

A Tier – Holy Priest

Before, they were at the very bottom of the tier list. Now, they have jumped to a very acceptable A tier and are back where they belong. With its healing and damage profiles receiving massive buffs, they are now an asset to group content again, making them a great choice, whether raiding or Mythic+ content. Their playstyle is still marginally the same, as it was only the percentages that were changed. 

However, they still don’t quite beat a Discipline Priest and still fall slightly short of a Disc Priest’s capabilities.

B Tier – Preservation Evoker

The Preservation Evoker did receive some very minor buffs to their healing and durability overall. Nothing about this Evoker spec has changed much, keeping them in B tier. Overall, they have a great tier set, and their 2-piece tier set is one of the best across all healing specs available. If they have their tier set equipped, they can have a higher healing per second output as well as an increased DPS output. 

Overall, the Preservation Evoker is a great healer class to pick, as they have a good damage output and strong, consistent healing. Additionally, they also have some great survivability and defenses, making them one of the safer healing classes to play other than the Holy Paladin.

C Tier – Restoration Shaman

Resto Shaman is a pretty consistent healer, with Chain Heal supplementing most of the healing output. They have great talents that allow their throughput healing to prevail in difficult situations, such as Tidebringer, High Tide, and Ancestral Vigor. Healing Surge can spot-heal any party members that need it and work great as a top-up heal. Shamans have an extensive toolkit for great AoE healing, such as Ascendance and Spirit Link Totem. 

They have some great utility and defenses, with one of the best in the game being Astral Shift. The only issue is the length of the cooldown, which means they’ll also have to lean on abilities like Brimming With Life and Spirit Wolf to avoid damage. Their utility really shines with abilities like Thunderstorm, Capacitor Totem, and Wind Shear. They also have one of the most helpful abilities in the game: Bloodlust. 

That concludes our healer tier list for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight patch 10.2.6. Some of the healers on this list have received huge buffs, which have been absolute game changers for them. As a result, the meta for group compositions has changed, and some healers are more favorable than others.

What healer are you playing this season?

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