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Biomutant High Voltage Quest Guide

Biomutant High Voltage

Biomutant is a world with a ton of small objectives to overcome. From basic light rotation puzzles to more complex stories, you’re going to want to explore every corner of the world to get everything it has to offer. The High Voltage quest in Biomutant is an example of a somewhat unique puzzle that the game offers. It’s also a fairly important quest since it can unlock some doors and a working relationship with its quest giver, Klick. So, our guide will get you through this quest just fine!

How to Complete the High Voltage Quest in Biomutant

Biomutant High Voltage

To start High Voltage, you’ll need to find Klick in Anywhere, a location just north of Rito’s Camp. Talk with Klick, and he’ll tell you that you have to supercharge the Klonkfist. Follow the quest marker to the northeast to get to the Zapstation, and then clear it out. Finally, turn on the electricity, stand under the lightning bolts, and complete the Quicktime Event three times to upgrade your Klonkfist.

High Voltage is one of the few events in the game to have the Lightning Strike system. Simply run directly under the lightning strike and then hit the Quicktime Event right before the circle disappears. If you raise up the lightning stone you have, then you’ve completed the QTE correctly.

Completing the High Voltage quest is your key to getting two major upgrades: The Klonkfist Level 2 and the Skeleton Key. The Klonkfist’s upgrade will allow you to punch through slightly more reinforced walls, which can be handy if you plan on completing the game 100%. These walls don’t come up too often, but they can be annoying when you get to them.

Completing the quest that comes afterward will reward you with the Skeleton Key, which actually only unlocks a select few doors throughout the game. It will still give you good loot right off the bat, so it’s worth grabbing if you need upgrades. You also get Klick’s trust, enough that you can consider helping him if the world ends. Klick is a bit of a pessimist, though, so you need to have some Dark Aura if you want him to join you in the endgame.

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Written by Andrew Smith