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Biomutant Manufactorum Googlide Wrekbox Location

Biomutant Manufactorum Googlide Wrekbox

If there is one thing Biomutant might need less of, it’s collectibles, because good gravy, you be stuck in this game for hours looking for all of them! The developers at Experiment 101 didn’t always make things easy or stay with a pattern either. No, some items, like the Manufactorum Googlide Wrekbox are much more sneaky to incentivize exploration. If you were stuck running around the Manufactorum looking for this thing, you’re not alone. Because of that, we’ve got your back!

Where to Find the Manufactorum Googlide Wrekbox

Biomutant Manufactorum Googlide Wrekbox

To find the Manufactorum Googlide Wrekbox, head to the northeast side of the Manufactorum. When you’re there, you should see a shattered building connected to a fully formed one. Head inside the shattered building to find a door, which you can open with no tools. Inside is the Wrekbox; no Underground Manufactorum required!

Googlide Wrekboxes tend to be by the water or underground. That’s why this one is so devious! A random door in the Manufactorum is so atypical of a normal Googlide quest. The entrance to the underground is nearby, too. Experiment 101 put them right next to each other on purpose, I swear!

Grabbing the Manufactorum Googlide Wrekbox is well worth it. Every Wrekbox you get unlocks new parts and devices to put on your water machine to make it better. This can be more movement speed, better armor, or more health in general. Considering this thing needs to take on Poofy Puff, who does big damage, you’re probably going to want an upgrade or two.

The Manufactorum is also a huge loot haven. There’s a ton of stuff to get here, from quests to superb loot and more. Exploring the place is a ton of fun, but you’re going to want 100% Radiation Resistance if you want to do it safely. That might mean you’ll need the Radsuit from Pingdish 3F or just cobbling together good armor.

Written by Andrew Smith