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Biomutant Second Googlide Upgrade | Where is the Wreckbox?

Biomutant Second Googlide Upgrade

You might be worried about upgrading your Googlide in Biomutant, as it is an important tool allowing you to explore the Surfipelago at your leisure. After all, if you want to explore more and more of the Surfipelago, upgrading it is going to be essential. So, as you explore, you should keep your eyes open for Googlide boxes. Thankfully, the second Googlide upgrade is found in the best possible location; during a main quest. If you missed it, or are worried about missing it in the future, check out this guide!

How to Get Second Googlide Upgrade in Biomutant

Biomutant Second Googlide Upgrade

In order to get the second Googlide upgrade, you simply need to complete the Gumquack quest, acquired from Gulp. During the quest, you’ll be directed deep into an underwater dungeon. Head in there and get your Gumquacks, but pay attention as you approach the end of the dungeon; the Googlide Wreckbox will be on a patch of sand to the right of the exit.

This is an important upgrade for you to get; it’s what lets Goop upgrade your Googlide to the point where you can actively fight the Porky Puff. This does not mean your Googlide is at maximum strength; if you want to be as effective as possible, you’re going to want a few more boxes than this. The boxes are scattered across the Surfipelago, but this will at least be a good start for your journey.

Keep the look of this box in mind; as you explore, make sure you’re always opening boxes like this. You might find different Mech parts so you can upgrade other endgame tools. These are not going to be cosmetic ever; you should open them, even if you haven’t unlocked that machine yet! Getting a headstart is never going to hurt you, and you might find exactly the part that you needed to take another step farther in your journey.

The Googlide is probably the best machine to start with since you don’t need to deal with any hazards. Head east and take on the ocean!

Written by Andrew Smith