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Biomutant Suburbia Underground | How to Get Under Suburbia

Biomutant Suburbia Underground

Of all of the massive areas in Biomutant, Suburbia can be one of the most intimidating. There’s a lot of different things to do in this little neighborhood, and because of that, some of the objectives can be incredibly confusing. Suburbia Underground should be pretty simple, but there are actually two significant underground areas. If you’re having trouble finding the actual area, then you’re not alone! This guide will help you find the Underground in Suburbia and reap the rewards.

How to Get Underground in Suburbia

Biomutant Suburbia Underground

The Suburbia Underground area is at the southern portion of the map. Find the large, intact house at the bottom of the neighborhood and head into the basement. Once you’re down there, there’s a slightly broken wall that you’ll need to blast through, as well as some weight-lifting equipment nearby. Make sure you lift before you head down, since you might need that extra vitality to fight that ridiculous robot!

The confusing part about this is the central dungeon area that Suburbia has doesn’t actually count as an Underground. You’ll need to head to that southern house in particular if you’re wanting to blast your way under Suburbia. You might want to explore the dungeon entrance anyways since it has decent loot and a Raylighter down there.

There’s a miniboss fight against a robot, who is fast but fragile. Focus on ranged attacks and read his attacks; it sweeps with a massive red laser or charges up a lightning fist. Depending on the difficulty, you’ll have next to no time to react to either of those attacks! Play defensively with ranged attacks until you get used to all of the tells that the robot offers you. It shouldn’t take too long for you to take it out.

The Suburbia Underground, other than giving you some completionist progress, is home to quite a bit of superb loot. There are quite a few piles that you should search through; you’re already here, after all!

Written by Andrew Smith