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Biomutant Wrekcrate Upgrades | What Do You Get?

Biomutant Wrekcrate Upgrades

So, you’ve decided to collect some Wrekcrates, have you? Biomutant has a ton of these things scattered across all of the areas that you can explore. They are entirely used to modify the mechs that your friends have created to help you take on the Root Eaters. Because of that, finding them might seem like a great idea. But, are there rewards for finding all wrekcrate upgrades in Biomutant? Or should you just stick with your basics?

What Do Wrekcrate Upgrades Do in Biomutant?

Biomutant Wrekcrate Upgrades

Wrekcrate upgrades increase your armor, movement speed, attack damage, and more, depending on what you upgrade. Each Wrekcrate gives you specific equipment to modify the mech that the crate belonged to. In order to benefit from actual upgrades, you’ll need to equip the cosmetic by hitting the Transportation button while riding one of the mechs. Then, you can equip the upgrades by simply selecting whatever cosmetic you’d like.

The rarity of your part actually does increase the effectiveness of the mech that it’s attached to. Higher rarity parts increase the durability, movement speed, and (occasionally) damage of your machines.

However, there is very little difference between parts of the same rarity. The Hood Head and the Ankry Teddy Plate offer the same defensive properties. Because of this, finding multiple Wrekcrate upgrades of the same rarity only gives you different cosmetics for your machines. You can select any of the options here, but you might want to equip your higher rarity options if you want your machine to be as powerful as possible.

This is less important for your Mekton, since the upgrades only increase movement speed and durability, as well as damage to a lesser extent. Your Googlide needs engine upgrades if it wants to traverse rough waters, which can be critical if you want to explore the entirety of the Surfipelago.

Written by Andrew Smith