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Black Ops Cold War Face Off | How to Play

Face Off

Ready for some heart-wrenching action? Season 1 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is here for you! Because of the newest season, Treyarch has got some new game modes for you to try out. One of them, called Face-Off, is one that has some players really ready to battle! Not only is it a great way to rush through the battle pass levels… It’s also just a really fun game mode! Learn more about it in our quick guide!

What is Face Off in Cold War?

Face Off is basically a 3v3 queue for team vs. team action. Objectives in this game mode include team deathmatch, domination, and kill confirmed. Since the team sizes are small, so are the maps, meaning Face Off is by far the most action-packed game mode that still has team offerings.

Face off is a game mode, so you select it in the same places where you would select things like your multiplayer game modes. If you set your lobby type to Face Off, you can invite two friends to wreak havoc across the smaller maps. It’s the perfect game mode to bring two friends to and just destroy people!

Because the map sizes are so small, you might not see all of your favorites here. The maps are the same ones for Gunfight, the 2v2 mode. So the maps are tiny, and there’s one more person than usual on each of them. That can lead to some really awesome havoc occurring on the maps! Even more than Gunfight, which was already a really high-octane game mode.

At the current moment, we aren’t sure if there’s going to be any 3v3 only maps added to the game. Gunfight is the only thing that has guaranteed maps for the game mode, and that’s not likely to change without support. So, if you want Treyarch to make some new maps for Cold War‘s 3v3 environments, make sure to play it and show interest!

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Written by Andrew Smith