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Bloodstained Flying Beef | Where to find Flying Beef in Ritual of the Night

Bloodstained Flying Beef

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, the latest installment in the Bloodstained series, is host to a plethora of consumable and craftable items. From spaghetti to beef, players have plenty of unique and odd enemy drops and random spawns. Actually, the beef can be found flying around. Here’s how to find Bloodstained Flying Beef. 

Bloodstained Flying Beef Location

Players will need to find flying cows before they can find the Flying Beef. In Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, flying cows are known as Haagenti. They’re golden, winged cows that have a chance of dropping Flying Beef upon defeat. So the question is, where are the Haagenti located?

Bloodstained Flying Beef

Haagenti can only be found in one specific level of the game: the Oriental Sorcery Lab. The Oriental Sorcery Lab is an area players will come across in the late stages of the game. Be sure to arrive extremely well prepared. Dropping down from the entrance, players will find a Guison guarding a chest. After killing it and looting, players need to head east. 

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After heading east for some ways, there will be a bridge blocked by another Guison, a Gaap, and finally a Haagenti. Slaying the lot of them can possibly lead to the Flying Beef being dropped. However, players shouldn’t count on the first occurrence of Haagenti to yield a piece of Flying Beef; the drop rate for Bloodstained Flying Beef is only about 5%. 

There are other Haagenti throughout the map though. If the first one doesn’t give up its beef, there will be another later on in the level. It’s found in the room after completion of the arch puzzle. If there’s still no luck in finding Flying Beef, players can reload the level to force a respawning of enemies. This should eventually lead to some flying beef being found.

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