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Bloodstained Dainsleif Location | How to get Dainsleif in Ritual of the Night

Bloodstained Dainsleif

In Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, there are tons of craftable items that players can use to give them aid along their journey. There are plenty of items that players can craft, from armor, to headgear, to weapons. One such item in the Dainsleif weapon. This is a melee item that Miriam can use along her journey to decimate her enemies. Here is a quick guide that will show you the Bloodstained Dainsleif location so you can add the weapon to your armory.

Bloodstained Dainsleif Location | Where to find Dainsleif?

Luckily for Bloodstained players, there are a couple of different places that the Dainsleif weapon can be found. To start things off, you’ll be able to get your first Dainsleif as a reward for completing the Craving Food That Falls Apart story. If you haven’t completed this quest yet, it will require Simmered Forneus, so make sure to check out our guide on that if you need help.

Bloodstained Dainsleif

Once you’ve unlocked the first Bloodstained Dainsleif location, you’ll now be able to craft your own melee weapon with a couple of materials. You’re going to need three items – Hofud, Dragon Talons, and Dark Matter. Hofud is a craftable melee weapon, while Dragon Talons and Dark Matter can be found by defeating Dragons and Dark Elementals, respectively.

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The third and final Bloodatined Dainsleif location is at the shop. Once you have crafted your own melee weapon, you’ll be able to buy one from Dominique at the shop. She drives a pretty hard bargain and will charge players 27,000G for the weapon. However, if you’re in a pinch, it might be worth it.

The Dainsleif weapon has an attack power of 47, making it one of the more powerful weapons in the game. In addition to that, its damage type is Slash and Dark. So, if you use it against the right enemies, it could really do some damage!

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