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Borderlands 3 Pickle Rick | Rick and Morty Easter Egg location

Two beloved series have returned this upcoming fall. Borderlands 3 released just recently, igniting an intense revival of the fanbase. Just about any gaming site or forum is flooded with posts about it. It’s an instant and guaranteed hit. There’s also another series set to revive soon, but it takes a very high IQ to know it. That’s right, Rick and Morty. There’s even a sweet and salty little chunk of it hidden in Borderlands 3. For those very high IQ, Szechuan loving few, here’s where to find the Borderlands 3 Pickle Rick location. 

Where is the Borderlands 3 Pickle Rick Easter Egg location?

Borderlands 3 Pickle Rick

There’s an unsurprising intersection of Rick and Morty and Borderlands fans. Despite some of the former’s more… vocal… fanbase, gamers and TV viewers alike seem to love relaxing with some well-produced and vulgar animation. That sounded wrong; it was meant to mean high quality and adult-oriented cartoons. Wait… nevermind, put up your big brain flasks and pay attention, this is how you can find the Borderlands 3 Pickle Rick Easter Egg.

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There are several references to Rick and Morty in Borderlands 3. Upgrades in the skill tree make allusions to Interdimensional Cable episodes. There’s a pair of enemies that sometimes spawn as Wick and Warty. There are even places where empty beer bottles and jars of pickles are blatantly placed next to each other. Where is this pickle located though?

Pickle Rick actually makes two appearances, as far as fans currently know. The first is easy to find. If players idle on the title screen long enough, a pickle will roll out from underneath a car. The second is a little harder to find. On the planet Promethea, Pickle Rick can be found in a dead-ended, east-facing street. He’ll be seen next to a beer bottle, sticking out of a gutter. It is subtle, but if you’re looking for him, it’ll be hard to miss the Borderlands 3 Pickle Rick location.

Written by Andrew Smith

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