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Bugsnax | How to Catch a Shishkabug

catch a Shishkabug

I’ve always been more of a meat guy… But Wambus Troubleham is an everything guy! Your second quest from him, “Pest Control,” requires you to catch a Shishkabug twice. These guys are a little more crafty than Fryder’s since they require you to use another bugsnax to your advantage. While that sounds complex, it’s actually not too bad once you know what you’re doing! Check it out in our quick Bugsnax Shishkabug guide!

How to Catch a Shishkabug in Bugsnax

If you want to catch a Shishkabug, head to the main area, down the steps from Wambus. You should see a Shishkabug walking in circles, near to a Bunger. It looks like a spider with french fries for legs. Now, you just need to exploit the Shishkabug’s two weaknesses — its fear and the nearby Bungers.

When you place a trap in the path of a Shishkabug, it panics and runs into the nearest bush. Now, it’s right where you want it! Lure a Bunger to the bush using ketchup, and then paint the bush with the red condiment. The Bunger should rush at the bush and knock the Shishkabug back into your trap. Make sure you time the activation of the Snak Trap just right to actually catch the tasty bug!

Additionally, sometimes a Shishkabug might be already in a bush, either because they’re so scared of everything or from a previous trap. This will be the case for the second one that Wambus requests. Don’t worry, you can still catch it! You’ll be able to catch this Shishkabug just outside of the cave where the Fryder was located.

Find the purple circle where the Shishkabug was walking before it got scared – it should be nearby the bush! Place your trap there and then lead the Bunger over to scare it out. As long as you found the right track for the bug, everything should work out nicely!

Written by Andrew Smith