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Call of Duty Cold War Zombies Outbreak | How To Exfil

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak, Exfil

The ability to exfil is something new that was added to the Zombies mode in Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Every five rounds players will be given the option to exfil from the mission, which ends the game without forcing the players to either leave the game or die. This is pretty straightforward in traditional Zombies maps but in Outbreak, exfiling works a little bit differently. Don’t worry though, we know just how to exfil and we’re going to let you in on it! 

How to Exfil in Call of Duty Cold War Zombies Outbreak
How To Exfil In Outbreak

In normal Zombies mode, you get offered the chance to exfil every five rounds. If the players accept the exfil then they have to go to a specific area of the map. Once there, the player has to clear out the area of zombies in a specific amount of time to exfil successfully. 

In Outbreak, because it is so different from the normal Zombies mode and maps, it works differently. Firstly, because Outbreak has no round system, you don’t just get a chance to leave every few rounds. You are only given the chance to exfil the game mode after you complete the mission of the map that you are currently on.

This means that you have to finish the main objective of one of the five maps that you’re on. 

Once you complete the objective, you will be pointed in the direction of an anomaly. Once you make it over to the location and activate the anomaly it will burst and spawn an antenna, A Workshop, a Pack-A-Punch Machine, and a Perk-A-Cola Machine.

You can go to the antenna and choose to either warp to another map or to exfil. If you do choose to exfil, you will have to get to a location a fair distance from the antenna in a certain time limit, so it’s best to have a vehicle. Once you get there you will need to clear out all the zombies and beat the clock. Once you do, you can enter the helicopter and leave the area. 

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Written by Andrew Smith