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Call of Duty Cold War Zombies Outbreak | How to Turn On the Power

Turn on the power outbreak

In the vast majority of Call of Duty‘s Zombie mode maps, the players need to turn on the power in order to get Perk-A-Cola Machines, Traps, and the Pack-A-Punch Machine to work. In Call of Duty Black Ops Cold Wars zombies map, this is the case to a certain degree. Player’s have been questioning if you need to turn on the power in the game’s new zombies mode Outbreak. Well, we have the answer!

How to Turn On the Power in Outbreak

Outbreak Turn on the power

Well here’s the truth, you don’t need to turn on the power in any of the five Outbreak maps. From the start of each map, you will be able to use all the Perk-A-Cola, Pack-A-Punch, and Jump Pad Machines from the moment that you warp into the map.

This is because there isn’t a single power machine that you need to turn on in any of the five maps in the Outbreak zombies mode. All the mechanical things that usually require power in other Zombies maps are capable of being used from the start.

This means that you and your squad don’t need to go around looking for the power to turn on anything. This means that the only limit on the players is their own ability to get to the machine they want to use and the number of points that they have.

This makes the game and each mission a lot more streamlined and quicker to complete. While finding the power and turning it on in the more traditional style of Zombies map, in the unique, open-world setup that Outbreak has, it would be a slog to get through.

This is probably what the designers had in mind while they were making the mode. So knowing that you don’t need to turn on the power in the Zombies Outbreak mode, you can go destroy the armies of the undead with all the power you can right from the start

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Written by Andrew Smith