Where to Find Sea People Record Chamber in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Sea People King Mural
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Dave, Dr. Bacon, and Cobra are trying to contact the Sea People in Dave the Diver. Throughout the opening hours of the adventure game by developer Mintrocket, Dave and his associates develop a way to communicate with the mermen and mermaids of the Blue Hole with a Translator. After discovering the Sea People Record Chamber, Dave can interact with the underwater folks with the translating device.

The Record Chamber is an essential piece of lore that helps Dave and Dr. Bacon better understand the Sea People and their history. It is a fascinating spot to swim within and plays a part in several quests. But since the Record Chamber is in the Blue Hole, where can Dave explore more of it without getting chewed up from behind? If you’ve embarked on a few audacious expeditions already in Dave the Diver, chances are high that you might’ve encountered the Sea People Record Chamber. Since later quests won’t pinpoint the chamber, some notes must be considered.

Where to Find Sea People Record Chamber in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Dr. Bacon
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Dave the Diver players can locate the Sea People Record Chamber by diving into the Blue Hole Medium Depths (50-130 meters). The chamber, which emits a distinctive hue, sits near the edge of an underwater cliff around the 90-100 meter mark. It first appears during the “Beyond the Rock Pile” mission (of Chapter 1: Traces of the Sea People), where Dr. Bacon instructs Dave to place a bomb on a pile of rocks blocking the entryway to a cave. The cave turns out to be the Sea People Record Chamber, home to the mural of King Long. Initially, the area is safe to swim in without oxygen depletion and fish interference. However, this is only temporary.

“Sea People Language Translator”

Dave the Diver Sea People Record Chamber
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The Sea People Record Chamber makes another appearance during Chapter 2: Into the Deep with the mission, “Sea People Language Translator.” This is the game area where players must assemble three unique items Dr. Bacon will use to construct the aforementioned translating device.

As such, Dave needs to collect an Amethyst, a Microphone, and the Sea People Stone Tablet. The latter is where the Record Chamber comes into play, for the said tablet sits on the ground of the area. A yellow exclamation point supplements the tablet to highlight the item for players. Although the area is familiar this time, Dave’s oxygen will deplete as usual due to the exposure to the new region.

The following text will appear upon picking up the tablet: “A stone slab with the language of the sea people written on it. It’s impossible to read.” Dave the Diver adventurers can muster up the remaining two items while diving in the Blue Hole. Amethyst deposits from its ores in the Blue Hole Depths (130-250 meters). For the Microphone, search within the Shipwreck Interior (Giant Squid boss fight location) and look toward the bottom. The Microphone will also be highlighted with a yellow exclamation point. With the items now gathered, return to Dr. Bacon to bring about the creation of the translation device.

The Chamber in the “Wedding Song Record”

Dave the Diver Wedding Song Record Mission
Image Credit: Mintrocket.

While Dave might have located the stone tablet for the translator, he must return to the Record Chamber to retrieve another slab for Niamo during the “Wedding Song Record” mission. The titular diver is on a journey to assist the Sea People in multiple ways, and Niamo is requesting him to obtain a slab for a wedding. As Dave makes his around to the chamber again, he’ll find that fish now inhabit the area. Bigeye Scads, Longnose Sawsharks, Giraffe Seahorses, and other aquatic creatures now reside in the ancient underwater location. Dave’s oxygen will continue to drain as players explore the Sea People Record Chamber.

Blowing open the Sea People chamber will allow Dave to catch additional fish that might otherwise be tough to capture out in the Blue Hole. For this reason, the chamber is a location that players will return to, whether for a quest or a particular fish. Moreover, the chamber is home to the mural of King Long, as mentioned earlier, which is essential for the Sea People Historian achievement. Therefore, be sure to snap a photo of the artwork to acquire the achievement in Dave in Diver.


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