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Death Stranding Structures | Five Buildings Every Porter Needs

Death Stranding Structures

When you load Death Stranding for the first time, you’ll enter into a new, lonely, and desolate world. While playing, you’ll get the chance to build and interact with remarkable things that will make your world easier to navigate by using Death Stranding structures which have been created by other players.

Further, when someone uses the structures that you’ve built, you’ll automatically get likes. Placing your buildings correctly will get you more likes from players, and will improve your porter grades.

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If your goal is to help other players and receive tons of likes, then you’ll need to know and understand which of the structures can be found in the game, and then build them in the best locations possible. By reading this guide, you’ll get a full understanding of how to use Death Stranding structures properly.

As you are going to see, there are tons of different structures that players can build. But as a beginner or intermediate player, these are among the most critical!


There are certain regions in the game where it’s always going to rain — these are the best spots to erect a shelter. These are tree-like structures that will allow you to wait out the rain to avoid damaging your gear. Standing under a shelter will automatically repair your items, but does not apply to your vehicles.


After playing the game for a while, you’ll unlock electrical items like an exoskeleton suit and vehicles, which will help you along your journey. While these items will help you move around the world with speed and agility, their battery lives are not that remarkable.

Death Stranding Structures

To solve this problem, you can always create a generator — a vertical tower that recharges any electric gadget quickly when you get close to it. You will be tempted to place one close to a facility to recharge after a trek, however, it’s best to craft and place them at halfway points to avoid getting stranded.

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Further, you also don’t have to put a power station close to a facility because all your vehicles and electronics will be automatically recharged as you rest in your private room. So, if you place them properly, generators are perhaps one of the most important Death Stranding structures, because they can save you a lot of time.


Among the first structures that you’ll get to see in the game is a watchtower. It is a massive tower that will help you see and visualize the land, as well as tag items of your choice in this world. The vantage points that these structures offer are helpful especially when you want to find lost cargo in a new environment or some of those precious hidden collectibles.

One of the best places to put the watchtowers is near your enemy’s camps. By placing the watchtower outside the enemy camp near any of the scanner relays, you’ll find it easier to scan over the area and tag all the precious items being held by those who would harm you. This is one of the best things to do when you first begin playing, because you won’t have many tools that you can use to defend yourself or trick your attackers.


A postbox is a small locker that you can use to place your items in either private or shared lockers to make it easy for other players to access. Postboxes are an extremely useful Death Stranding structure when starting out, because you’ll need to transport huge amounts of materials for your structures, such as bridges.

When playing for the first few times, you should think of postboxes as waypoints to get your items. Place them in areas that will be convenient for you to get resources such as a facility or near a place that needs items such as a bridge being constructed. By doing this, you’ll relay materials in batches to complete large construction projects easily and quickly.


When you start playing the game, you’ll quickly realize how important bridges are in crossing rivers and crevasses using vehicles or on foot. However, you should keep in mind that these structures consume lots of materials during the construction process.

If it takes two or three seconds to turn left or right to avoid hazards, consider erecting a bridge in another area. While analyzing your routes, look ahead and ensure that the area you’ve chosen to erect a bridge makes sense.

In some cases, you’ll need to find several spots to construct bridges. Near enemy camps or facilities are often among the best, because you’ll need a short route between the area of construction and where you’ll get the materials to finish it off.

Death Stranding is a remarkable game, especially if you are playing to assist other players. To become a great porter, you need to be analytical and strategic when it comes to creating structures. The better placed your structures are, the easier it will be for you and your fellow players to achieve their goals.

As you are going to see, getting tons of likes is not that difficult. Simply continue to build various Death Stranding structures that you’d fine useful, and odds are others will too!

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