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Deep Rock Galactic Tritilyte Key | How to Get

Deep Rock Galactic Tritilyte Key

Rock and stone! Deep Rock Galactic has so much to explore in every single randomly generated dungeon. However, not all things that you find down here can be explored fully. There are a few objects in your caves that require something called a Tritilyte key. For new players and those with a couple dozen hours in the game alike, this can leave you scratching your head. There are no keys in the caves themselves! So, where do you find this mysterious item? We can teach you!

How to Get the Tritilyte Key in Deep Rock Galactic

How to Get Deep Rock Galactic Tritilyte Key

The Tritilyte Key in Deep Rock Galactic is a reward for promoting a dwarf when they reach level 25. Once you get a single class promoted, you will permanently unlock the Key, and will be able to use it on any dwarf you use in dungeons. You will now be able to access the consoles of Machine Events – Ebonite Mutations, Kursite Infections, Omen Modular Exterminators, and Tritilyte Crystals – and reap their sweet rewards. The Key is a permanent upgrade, and is not used at Machine Events, so spam them at will!

You’ll want to get the key very early on in your career. Find the dwarf class that you like the most and level them up! Get the key for promoting them, and then you can level up all of your other classes.

That’s because all Machine Events get you a butt-ton of resources, especially credits! Even if your dwarf isn’t ready to receive upgrades, it is well-worth it to do these events just for the money.

However, if you have Blank Matrix Cores from the Deep Dive or Weekly Assignment, you get to find a new Forge Upgrade. These upgrades are available at the Machine Event console. You can tell the type of upgrade you’ll get – for which class – by looking at the virtual console options. A Top Hat means a random cosmetic, and a Weapon with a Hammer means you’ll get a weapon overclock. While we recommend getting weapon overclocks first, there’s no doubt that getting style for your dwarf is well-worth it.

If you really want to level up dwarves fast, you can find Error Cubes, since that grants you a handful of XP at the end of your mission.

Written by Andrew Smith