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Destiny 2 Austringer | How to Get

Destiny 2 Austringer - How to Get

Destiny 2 is known for its exciting and sometimes overpowered weapons. With certain firearms like the Gjallarhorn being cemented into Destiny’s history. However, one of the best hand cannons in the game finally makes its return. That weapon is the Austringer. Here’s how to add this hand cannon to your growing arsenal.

How to Get the Austringer Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

How to Get the Austringer Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

With the return of Season of the Haunted, Bungie added several powerful new weapons. However, the Austringer Hand Cannon makes its grand return to Destiny 2. But, how do you get your hands on this powerful weapon?

Acquiring the Austringer is a difficult process. Thankfully, it’s not quite as hard as it sounds. With Season of the Haunted, players gain access to the Leviathan. It’s a massive ship filled with old weapons, one of them being the Austringer. However, you’re going to need Opulent Keys if you want to open these chests.

While you can only hold one at a time, if you know where the chest is for the key, you should be able to use it quickly, before going back to get another. Since each key has a corresponding chest, the clue to the chest’s location is on the key itself. Here are all six locations:

  • By Fallen Greatness – Right of the entrance to Pleasure Gardens, at the demolished statue of Calus.
  • Among the Ruins – To the left of the Pleasure Gardens Entrance, amid the ruins of a garden.
  • Guarded by a Loyal Companion – Underneath a statue of an alien dog by the Calus Statue
  • Among Stately Columns – Right of the Royal Pools Entrance, in the open near an entrance.
  • At the Feet of Greatness – In the entrance of the Royal Pools, behind the left vent with blue flames.
  • Where Water used to Fall – Left side of the Royal Pools entrance, climb the dried-up waterfall, where the chest is at the top.

One of these chests might drop the Austringer. So, keep grinding to get the super-powerful hand cannon. However, if you’re someone who wants the best, you might have to keep going if you want the best perks, good luck!

Written by Andrew Smith