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Disney Dreamlight Valley French Fries Recipe | How to Make

Disney Dreamlight Valley French Fries Recipe - How to Make

Out of the many recipes that you can learn in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the French Fries don’t necessarily stand out from the crowd. Cooking up a batch of these deep-fried potatoes will produce a two-star appetizer, and it’s a simple one to make if you’re looking to complete your meal Collection. Granted, you won’t get a fair amount of Star Coins if you want to sell them, but some hungry villagers will eventually crave some. Here’s how you can cook the French Fries appetizer in the Valley.

How to Make French Fries in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Make French Fries

Making French Fries in Disney Dreamlight Valley requires two ingredients: Canola and Potato. Throw these onto the Stove, at either your home or at Chez Remy’s Restaurant. Voilà! You now have a fresh supply of French Fries, ready to be served or consumed. Although judging by the final product, it’s surprising to not see Tomato as an ingredient, for ketchup is clearly sitting next to the fried pieces of potato.

When it comes to gathering Canola and Potato, you’ll have to head out to two different biomes. Both resources come as individual pieces or seeds, and you can acquire them by visiting Goofy’s trading stalls. Canola crops and seeds are at the Forest of Valor stall. Single Canola pieces will cost you 164 Star Coins while a bag only goes for 25 Star Coins. It’ll take 35 minutes for the seeds to fully grow into a crop if you choose to farm instead of buying the product straight from Goofy.

Potatoes are located at the sinister Forgotten Lands biome, again at Goofy’s stall once you have it unlocked. If you’re looking to grab and go, each Potato will cost you 189 Star Coins. However, the seeds go for 55 Star Coins a bag. Much like Canola, their growth time is set at 35 minutes.

As previously mentioned, selling away French Fries won’t be as profitable as other appetizers in the Collection. Goofy will buy them for only 304 Star Coins, with a 342 Energy intake if consumed. It’s not an essential appetizer unless you’re on a personal completionist quest to learn every recipe in the game. Otherwise, you could always save it as a gift or a meal for someone in the Valley whenever the time comes.

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Written by Andrew Smith