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Disney Dreamlight Valley Sushi Recipe | How to Make

Disney Dreamlight Valley Sushi Recipe - How to Make

The Sushi recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the easier meals to cook due to its simple  requirement of two ingredients. However, its inclusion in the game still serves an important purpose. That’s because it’s one of the dishes needed to complete Ursula’s Magic Moments quest. To make the process of dealing with Ursula painless, here’s our guide on how to make Sushi.

How to Make Sushi in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Sushi in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make the Sushi recipe, you’ll need the following two ingredients:

  • Fish (any type)
  • Rice

When we say any type of fish, we mean any type of fish. Fish that can be caught using a rod in Peaceful Meadow, such as Bream and Catfish. Even the fish that you have in storage will work perfectly well for this meal.

On the other hand, Rice isn’t as easily procurable as the previous ingredient. In order to get Rice, you will first have to unlock the Glade of Trust biome using 5,000 Dreamlight. Afterwards, Goofy’s Stall has to be repaired for 2,000 Star Coins. Rice Seeds will then be purchasable for 35 Star Coins each.

Keep in mind though that Rice Seeds take 50 minutes to grow in real time so if you want to skip the wait, you will have to upgrade Goofy’s Stall again for 5,000 Star Coins to buy ready-to-cook Rice at 92 Star Coins each. Once you’ve acquired both ingredients, you can then head over to any stove within the area to combine them and make Sushi.

In terms of its value, Sushi is one of the least profitable dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley as it only sells for 111 Star Coins. But it does provide 405 energy when consumed, which is a decent amount for when you’re in a pinch.

Its true value however lies in its inclusion in Ursula’s Magic Moments quest wherein you will be asked to cook two portions of Sushi along with one Lobster Roll in order to complete it.

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Written by Andrew Smith