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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Restaurant | How to build a restaurant

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Restaurant

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a unique take on the Dragon Quest series. Combining the elements and setting of previous Dragon Quest games with a complex crafting system likened to Minecraft’s, this installment of the franchise provides players with a variety of opportunities to build and create many interesting structures. One question a lot of players have is how to build a Dragon Quest Builders 2 restaurant. 

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Restaurant

How to build a restaurant in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Much of the building  mechanics in Dragon Quest Builders 2 relies on the construction of individual rooms. By placing a combination of many different items, players are able to create functional, purposeful rooms. Those who have played titles like Terraria will readily take to this style of building. Like Terraria, Dragon Quest Builders 2 can be a bit opaque on how to build certain rooms. 

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There is no direct room recipe for a restaurant in the game. However, this hasn’t stopped players from finding ways of implementing pseudo-restaurants in their worlds. Through stringing together multiple rooms with functions similar to that of a restaurant, it’s possible to emulate a fine dining environment. 

To create a Dragon Quest Builders 2 restaurant, players will need two basic components: a kitchen to cook in, and a dining room to serve and eat in. 

To construct a kitchen, players will need to place a kitchen somewhere within the building. A simple kitchen can be built by placing any single chest. After that, place 3 of any type of bonfire within the suitably sized room. There are other styles of kitchens that can be constructed, but the simple kitchen is, well, the simplest. 

After placing the kitchen, players need to create a second room separated by a door. This second room will serve as the dining area. Prepare plenty of space, because there will need to be at least 4 dining table sets to qualify the area as a dining room. After placing the tables, at least one light source will need to be installed somewhere within the room. 

Once you have done all of this, you will have successfully built a Dragon Quests Builders 2 restaurant.

Written by Andrew Smith