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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Worm Food | How to craft worm food

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Worm Food

Dragon Quest Builders 2 worm food is an item necessary for several progression points throughout the game. It can be a bit unclear on how to obtain worm food however, and there are some ways to effectively farm it. For those wondering where to find the ingredients for worm food, what to do with them, and how to maximize their worm food production, here is some more info. 

How to craft Dragon Quest Builders 2 worm food

In Dragon Quest Builders 2, there isn’t any shortage of questing and building. In the earlier parts of the game, taking place in the Furrowfield area, players will need to fertilize many blocks of dirt throughout the map. About 250 for some of the missions. To do that, players will need to put together some worm food. It’s used to feed to the worm Wrigley, the ever hungry farming and fertilizing worm. 

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Worm Food

To craft Dragon Quest Builders 2 worm food, players will need to gather two types of ingredients: night soil and grass seeds. Night soil is a mysterious material found randomly throughout the map, and dropped by some enemies. Mainly, night soil can be found by cleaning the toilets of the townspeople. Also, slaying walking corpses can yield night soil. To farm night soil, repeatedly fast travel to the Ruined Church. There, the soiled enemies will respawn. 

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After getting together some soil, of the darker variety, players will need to hunt down some grass seeds. Similar to night soil, grass seeds can be found by defeating a certain kind of enemy. The grass seeds are dropped by an enemy known as the Dracky, a bat-like creature found throughout the overworld and in caves. 

Upon finding the night soil and grass seeds, head over to the crafting area and combine them into worm food. Following that, players will need to go to Wrigley, and feed him the soily, grassy mixture. In a fit of excitement, he’ll fertilize quite a large area around himself. 

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