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Dying Light 2 Cross-Platform | Is There Cross-Play?

Dying Light 2 Cross-Platform - Is There Cross-Play?

After years of anticipation, Dying Light 2 is finally here — but can you play with friends on other platforms? We know that online co-op exists in the game, though split screen is another story, so does that transcend to cross-platform action? Join us as we break down all the details on cross-play in Dying Light 2.

Does Dying Light 2 Have Cross-Platform Play?

Does Dying Light 2 Have Cross-Platform Play?

Sadly, Dying Light 2 does not have cross-platform play. As of the time of launch, any sort of cross-play is completely absent, and you can only play with friends who own the same console as you. PlayStation players can’t join Xbox players or vice versa — at least for the time being, anyway.

It’s sure to come as a disappointment to some, given the online co-op is a big part of Dying Light 2‘s appeal. The first game, released in 2015, also had co-op — but again, that wasn’t across multiple platforms. Given most big games treat cross-play as a standard, it’s understandably unfortunate to not see it in Dying Light 2.

On top of that, cross-gen play is conspicuously absent too. This means that PlayStation 4 players cannot play with friends on PlayStation 5 and so on, a bitter pill to swallow given the new consoles’ supply issues. If you’re a PS5 owner but the rest of your friends are on PS4, you’ll have to tackle Dying Light 2 solo.

Therefore, the only circumstances under which you can play Dying Light 2 co-op is if you have the same console as your squad, and aren’t playing locally. Every other scenario will cause the co-op to simply not work, which is definitely a shame. All we can do is hope that developer Techland adds more extensive co-op functionality in future updates. It’s a lot to ask, but it would make it much easier to slaughter zombies with friends.

Written by Andrew Smith