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Dying Light 2 Outfits | How to Change

Dying Light 2 Outfits - How to Change

The long-awaited follow-up to Techland’s Dying Light is finally here after seven long years. Dying Light 2 is shaping up to be a worthy experience, too. It continues the story with a new protagonist, a new vast area to explore and plenty of zombie-killing gore. It also has a city full of interesting characters, some of which are dressed quite appropriately for an apocalypse. Lots of cool leather jackets, quirky headwear and all sorts of style round out the game’s available outfits. Meanwhile, you are Aiden, a Pilgrim, and you start off dressed in rags. No one wants to spend the apocalypse looking like that. Fortunately, you can always change into something better than rags.

How to Change Outfits in Dying Light 2

How to Change Outfits in Dying Light 2

As you explore Dying Light 2, you will find no shortage of clothing items spread throughout the world. To change outfits, simply open to your inventory and find your Gear near the right side of the screen. Select the piece you want to swap out, then select the piece you want to equip.

The Gear menu includes slots for Headwear, Gloves, Chest Pieces, Bracers, Joggers and Shoes. The icon in the upper right of each article of clothing you find indicates its class:

  • Tank, indicated by a shield with claw marks. These clothes focus on Attack and Defense at the cost of Speed
  • Nurse, shown as the telltale cross icon. These concentrate on health regeneration and Parkour ability damage
  • Brawler, with the spiked bat and machete crossed. These will afford you attack and stamina bonuses
  • Ranger, shown with an arrow icon. Ranger Gear will improve Ranged Weapons, Stamina, Survivor Sense and some Parkour abilites.

Every piece of Gear in Dying Light 2 will change the look and general outfit of your character. However, as with most games that tie stats and bonuses to clothing items, you may find outfits that you like, but the level and stat bonuses aren’t quite cutting it anymore. Unfortunately, there is no way to keep clothing cosmetically while changing Gear for evolving stat bonuses. I mean, you can keep wearing that neat looking Level 1 Chest Piece if you wanna die looking fabulous, I suppose.

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Written by Andrew Smith