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Dying Light 2 Max Stamina Level | How to Increase

Dying Light 2 Max Stamina Level - How to Increase Health

Parkour is at the heart of Dying Light 2, as you’ll be constantly running around avoiding zombies. As such, the chances are you’ll need to get your stamina as high as possible, so you can sprint around without tiring. It’s key to survival and makes gameplay a lot easier – and here’s how to get to the max stamina level in Dying Light 2.

What is the Max Stamina Level in Dying Light 2?

What is the Max Stamina Level in Dying Light 2?

In Dying Light 2, the max stamina level is 26. Once you hit that level it’s impossible to get it any higher, and it’s at this point where you get all the stamina benefits. To reach the max stamina level, you’ll have to invest a lot of your upgrade points, called Inhibitors, into the stamina skill tree.

However, reaching that max stamina level isn’t quite as straightforward as simply putting all of your funds into that perk. In fact, it takes three Inhibitors to get one new stamina point, and as such it takes a lot of grinding. Inhibitors are luckily quite easy to find, as they can be strewn across the open world, giving you a collectible item to seek out. There are a limited amount though, with only 126 available throughout the open world.

Therefore, the only way to increase your stamina is to hunt out as many Inhibitors as you can find, and dedicate lots of them into that specific skill tree. While it may leave your version of Aiden slightly unbalanced in terms of stats, the benefits of reaching the maximum stamina level are significant. You can sprint for longer, paraglide without falling down so easily, and climb without the occasional slip that comes from lower levels. These will all make traversing the world much easier, so it’s definitely a path to consider.

Written by Andrew Smith