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Dying Light 2 Sophie Choice | Should You Help Her?

Dying Light 2 Sophie Choice - Should You Help Her?

As a game with a complex story, Dying Light 2 has plenty to offer when it comes to its branching storyline. You’ll make many key choices throughout the game that affect both the story and your experience. Early on you will meet Sophie, a high-ranking character among the Survivors. The Water Tower mission will present you with a difficult but important choice to make regarding whether to help Sophie and the survivors. Should you still help her?

What Should You Do When Confronting Sophie in Dying Light 2?

What Should You Do When Confronting Sophie in Dying Light 2?

It’s plain to see why this is not an easy choice to make on the surface. Aiden gets off to a really bad start with the Bazaar folk, considering they try to hang him for what was, ultimately, an understandable reason from their perspective. To make matters even worse is Sophie’s brother, Barney. He is both an unpleasant and underhanded individual with little regard for the lives of others. However, it helps to look beyond these two particular characters and consider the bigger picture.

The Peacekeepers are the opposing faction. They’re a military force that has been trying to get Old Villedor under control for some time. Tensions flare when their Commander, Lucas, is murdered and mutilated. The Bazaar folk aren’t talking and the Peacekeepers are out for blood, suspecting one of them to be behind it.

The Water Tower mission is the first major mission to tip the balance in the game. Once you seize it back from Jack and Joe, the two bandits who threaten to blow it up, you’re allowed to decide who gets control. No matter who you give the Water Tower to, you’ll end up investigating Barney’s hideout at the motel where you’ll find a patch of human skin with a tattoo. It’s the bit of skin that was carved out of the Peacekeeper’s Commander Lucas when he was murdered. The Peacekeepers are itching for retaliation in the wake of his death and the fate of the Bazaar hangs in the balance of finding Lucas’ killer.

Go To Aitor or Meet Sophie?

Both sides have the means to try to get Aiden in the Central Loop. However, it really boils down to which faction you wish to support throughout the game. Should you choose the Peacekeepers, you will fight Barney in the hideout after finding the tattoo. Sophie will then stop you and claim that they were framed. Sophie will again call you later and start a series of missions to launch an attack on the Peacekeeper’s windmill.

If you choose to give the Water Tower to the Peacekeepers, Aitor will task you with investigating Barney’s hideout. After fighting Barney this time, Aitor and his men will show to arrest him and interrogate him. This sets off the mission for you to reach the Central Loop. However, the Survivors blow up the PKs power windmill and you end up trapped in the tunnel and forced to test your uneasy trust with Hakon. The Peacekeeper’s Second in Command, Anderson, will help you escape the tunnel where she ultimately dies as a result.

This choice really boils down to which faction you want to throw your lot in. From here, there are Electrical Substations and Water Towers that will affect the gameplay environment depending on which faction you give them to. For each Faction Building you give to the Peacekeepers, they will add traps and other offensive and defensive structures to help you fight the infected in the streets throughout your travels. For each building given to the Survivors, they will put up structures to aid your traversal, which can come in really handy when trying to scale tall buildings and make quicker escapes from Chases.

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Written by Andrew Smith