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Elden Ring Halo Scythe | How to Get

Elden Ring Halo Scythe - How to Get

The Halo Scythe in Elden Ring is a weapon of the Cleanrot Knights who fought alongside Malenia. These intense reapers are one-of-a-kind — powerful enough to swing forth halos of light. They’re known as Miquella’s Ring of Light, so it already sounds worthy of a weapon to get. However, there are a couple of drawbacks, with one in particular that is rather tedious. You probably have an idea of where to go, but that’s only the beginning of the trouble. Here’s how players can get the Halo Scythe weapon.

How to Get the Halo Scythe in Elden Ring

How to Get the Halo Scythe in Elden Ring

The Cleanrot Knights near the Heart of Aeonia Site of Grace can potentially drop the Halo Scythe after defeating them. This is where Commander O’Neil can be fought, but the Cleanrot Knights themselves will be patrolling the outskirts of the arena. Keep in mind that there are two different Knights: the ones that either carry both spear and sword, and the others that wield the scythe. You need to slay the Knights who are equipped with the scythe specifically. But, there are obstacles before us on this occasion.

Our infamous Halo Scythe is an extremely rare drop, and it will take several respawns from a grace point to finally get one. The Knights patrol the crimson-infested area, so you need to be mounted upon Torrent to avoid the deadly effects. Additionally, some Knights will rise from the rotted blood, making this task all the more complicated to even commence with. According to some sources, the chance of a Halo Scythe drop is at 2% if your Discovery stat is at a low level. Rest and slay on a repeated basis, and you’ll eventually receive the holy weapon.

The Trouble with the Cleanrot Knights

Due to the events in the game, the Knights’ flesh is devastatingly rotted with crimson, so it’s best to be on the move when fighting against these foes. Unless you find solid ground to fight, take them on as quickly as possible when they’re attacking you. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t been able to loot the Halo Scythe. As aforesaid, it’s a rare drop, so it might take some time to acquire. As long as you have access to the Heart of Aeonia Site of Grace, this should be like a fun side quest for you to embark on.

Once acquired, the Halo Scythe’s scaling is as follows: Strength D, Dexterity D, and Faith E. Moreover, it requires Strength 13, Dexterity 16, and Faith 15 to properly wield. That legendary Ring of Light only costs FP 11, and it also builds up on blood loss. All you have to do is keep your distance when casting the skill onto your opponents. It takes a second to wind up, so be sure your footing is on-point.

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Written by Andrew Smith