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Elden Ring | How to Switch Arrow and Bolt Type

Elden Ring - How to Switch Arrow and Bolt Type

Whether you’re up close or fighting from afar when it comes to enemies in Elden Ring, expanding your attacks can bring in promising results. A blade can strike true to the gut; the staff is capable of casting deadly magic; summons can support multiple combative routes. But in terms of long-range fighting, the bolts and arrows quickly come to mind. Since they come in different types, any Tarnished is free to switch out their arrow and bolt types to accompany their respective bows and crossbows. But are you unsure of how to change up your pointed projectiles? We’ll show you how you can accomplish such a task in the Lands Between.

How to Switch Arrows and Bolts in Elden Ring

How to Switch Arrows and Bolts in Elden Ring

You can assign and switch between the different arrow and bolt types by accessing the Equipment screen and selecting the four arrow/bolt slots. The top two slots belong to arrows, while the bottom two abide with bolt selections. Once you make your arrow and bolt inputs, you can then fire away by switching between light and heavy attacks. Light attacks will launch projectiles in the first slots; heavy ones will deliver the ones stored in the second slots.

By default, PC players will use the Left Mouse Button to shoot the arrow/bolt in the first column. Holding down Shift with the Left Mouse Button will load up the arrow/bolt in the second column. Players who prefer the controller can easily hold down their right bumpers (R1 for PS5/PS4, RB for Xbox Series X|S and One) for the projectiles in the first column. Holding down the right trigger (R2 for PS5/PS4, RT for Xbox Series X|S and One) evidently fires away the items in the second column.

Of course, everything in Elden Ring varies in weight, including the projectiles in question here. Although they are relatively low compared to other smaller items, your overall carrying capacity is definitely a factor to consider when switching up different pieces of equipment for yourself.

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Written by Andrew Smith