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Elden Ring White Mask Varre Questline | Full Walkthrough

Elden Ring White Mask Varre Questline Start

There are a surprising number of NPCs scattered across the Lands Between. Too many to realistically count, and a large percentage of them wish for your aid. In Elden Ring, like many Souls games, there is an NPC that wants to help teach you how to kill other players. White Mask Varré is a peculiar man with a questline catered to a maidenless runt like yourself. This prickly man is much more like a rose than you might expect, actually! Let’s figure out what he wants from us, and if its even worth it.

How to Complete the White Mask Varré Questline in Elden Ring

The White Mask Varre questline begins at the First Step Site of Grace. He is standing next to a rock overlooking the overworld. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you about the world. Varré is a skeptical man who will tell you about Castle Stormveil. As long as his dialogue is repeating, you can move onto the next step of the quest.

You can talk with him a few times while he is in front of the First Step site of grace. He can be talked to after defeating Margit and after taking out Godrick the Grafted. These are largely minor pieces of dialogue that offer no significant boon to the player.

Varré, Post-Godrick

However, once you have visited the Roundtable Hold, you’ll be in a different situation. Varré should no longer be near the First Steps site of grace. Instead, he will have left a sign for you to visit the Rose Church in Liurnia.

If that’s the case, head to Liurnia of the Lakes, just behind Stormveil Castle. Liurnia is a large area, but the Rose Church can be found fairly early on. Its in the Southwest of the continent, on a small island. It is west of the Academy Gate Town.

Entering the Rose Church will get you attacked by Sanguine Noble. Be on your guard!

Talk to Varré, who is waiting outside of the front of the church. He will give you a new item, the Festering Bloody Finger, which will allow you to invade enemy players. Once you have invaded players three times, the quest will continue. You do not need to defeat the player in combat in order to progress the questline. Instead, you only need to invade them.

Now, he will ask you to join his order with the Bloody Lord. Agree with him so he will give you the Lord of Blood’s Favor item. You’ll need to find a maiden to soak it with, so you have a few options.

  • Church of Inhibition, north-east of Liurnia. You’ll have to get past the Frenzy-Flame Tower in order to get to the corpse.
  • The Chapel of Anticipation works as well. This is the second Belfry of the Four Belfries. You can find suitable blood on a corpse in this area.
  • Finally, you can kill Irina. She’s easiest to reach at the entrance of the Weeping Peninsula.

We have not tested on other Maiden Characters, such as Hyetta.

Once you have the blood-soaked Favor, head back to the Rose Church. He’ll give you a Bloody Finger which you can use to invade as much as you like. Then, if you keep talking with him, you’ll get the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. This will teleport you to Mohgwyn Palace, an endgame dungeon.

Mohgwyn Palace

This area is very, very high level, but there is one final step to Varré’s quest here. At the top of the Mausoleum, at the Mausoleum Dynasty Midpoint, you’ll see a red invasion sign on the ground. This sign is Varré’s, and you can use this sign to fight the man himself.

Upon his death, Varré will drop his weapon: Varré’s Bouquet. This is a weird hammer with medium blood loss buildup. However, it can be buffed! This makes it a very bleed-heavy Arcane weapon.

Is the Varré Questline Worth It?

Varré’s questline only really gets you the Bouquet and access to Mohgwyn’s Palace early. Mohgwyn’s Palace does have decent loot, like high level Smithing Stones, as well as some spells. However, the enemies are endgame and can be frustrating to deal with.

In addition, Varré’s Bouquet does laughable damage. While its bleed is good, it is not really that impressive of a weapon.

For people who like to invade, Varré’s questline is very easy and offers a basic reward at the end. Otherwise, you’re missing next to nothing for skilling it.

Written by Andrew Smith