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Final Fantasy 14 Hippokampos | Asphodelos: Second Circle Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 14 Hippokampos Asphodelos: Second Circle

Our Second Circle challenge in Final Fantasy 14 is going to be a doozy. Now that we’re actually in Pandaemonium, it’s time to crash through the newest enemy in the dungeon. We have to secure it safely, after all! Unfortunately, we’re going to need to take down the Hippokampos in Asphodelos: The Second Circle if we want to go farther. This thing is a wild card, and it’s horrifying to look at. And we have to fight it? Don’t worry too much; it’ll be much prettier when it’s dead!

How to Defeat Hippokampos in Asphodelos: The Second Circle

Final Fantasy 14 Hippokampos Asphodelos: Second Circle

The Hippokampos fight in the Second Circle has two major mechanics to dodge: Spoken Cataract and Sewage Deluge. These two mechanics are two main causes of deaths during this fight. Here’s a guide to all of the mechanics you’ll have to deal with:

  • Murky Depths and Sewage Deluge both do raid-wide damage when casted.
  • Doubled Impact is a tank-only stack. Don’t go help the tanks if you’re not one of them!
  • Spoken Cataract is a two-part Area of Effect. The Head will face a side of the arena; that entire side of the arena is unsafe. Go to the other side. The Body is a straight line in front and behind it. So, go behind the head and don’t be in a line with the body.
  • After it’s arena-wide damage, Sewage Deluge will cause the ground to deal damage where it is wet. Go on the grates or on the elevated surfaces to remain safe. You can go on the water if you need to, but get out quickly.
  • Predatory Sight requires players to stack on top of each other.
  • Tainted Flood will deal damage to specific players. Those players should split up from one another to prevent damage to others.
    • DON’T be afraid to be in the area of someone’s area of effect. Getting hit once will not kill you!
  • Sewage Eruption will force the raid to run, as some Areas of Effect will chase them. To maximize safety, you should start near everyone in the raid, and then spread out afterwards.
  • Shockwave will do a knockback. Try to stay on the grates.
  • Disassociation will absolutely destroy half of the arena. No matter what, try to move or get pushed into the half of the arena that keeps you safe.
  • Coherence means that one tank has to move to a corner, and everyone else stack with the stack marker.

As long as you do can follow these tips, you’ll be just fine in the Second Circle fight.

You can refresh yourself on the First Circle, in case you missed any mechanics there.

Written by Andrew Smith