Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth – Everything We Know

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
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Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is the latest release in the Final Fantasy VII remade trilogy. The popular Square Enix RPG was released for PlayStation One in 1997. It is one of the most acclaimed games of all time. 

The first game in the trilogy, FF7 Remake, ended after a climactic battle between Cloud and Sephiroth as the Sector 7 plate of Midgar came crashing down. Shockingly, the remake gave us more questions than answers, including hints at an altered timeline. 

Rebirth will introduce several key characters to the remake and feature important story beats. While fans anxiously await what changes await them, there are some burning questions fans want answered. 

Is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth an MMORPG?

No, the JRPG may look to feature open-world gameplay, but it’s not an MMO. It is a single-player game. 

The gameplay blends the iconic turn-based combat with real-time action. Unlike Final Fantasy XVI, players can bring a full party into combat. 

Is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on Game Pass?

As a current PlayStation exclusive, Rebirth will not be on Game Pass. 

While Sony offers a similar service for PlayStation Plus members, don’t expect the game to appear in its library on day one. 

Is  Sephiroth Playable In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

Yes! The iconic Final Fantasy villain will be a playable character. 

“If you played the original Final Fantasy 7, I’m sure you can guess which scene I’m talking about,” Tetsuya Nomura said. “You will be able to control Sephiroth in the same scene in this title as you did in the original.”

It is currently unknown if Sephiroth will be playable beyond this. 

Is FF7 Rebirth an Exclusive?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console at release. However, this won’t last forever, as a future PC release is expected. This will not occur for at least three months. 

For comparison, Final Fantasy VII Remake was first released on April 10th, 2020. It debuted on PC on December 16th, 2021. 

When WIll FF7 Rebirth Release?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released for PlayStation 5 on February 29th, 2024. It will be available on two discs. 

In addition to the standard release, a Deluxe and Collector’s Edition will be available. It is expected that these will be available in extremely limited quantities. 

Both editions will feature a copy of the game, a special edition steel bookcase, a mini-soundtrack for the game on CD, and an art book. 

The Collector’s Edition will also include the an 19-inch statue of Sephiroth. Access to the game’s DLC will also be included. 

What Characters Can I Play As In FF7 Rebirth?

Final Fantasy VII features some of the most beloved characters in Final Fantasy. Currently, Square Enix has confirmed eight playable characters. The main protagonist, Cloud Stride, is once again playable, as well as Barret Wallace, Aerith Gainsborough, and Tifa Lockhart. 

Antagonist Sephiroth is also confirmed as playable. 

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth sees the playable debut of popular characters like Red XIII and Cait Sith. Yuffie will also become playable after a tease at the end of Remake. 

There is currently no confirmation on whether Vincent Valentine will be playable.


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