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Fire Emblem Engage | Is There New Game Plus?

Fire Emblem Engage - Is There New Game Plus?

Fire Emblem Engage is one of the grindiest Fire Emblem games to date. With SP, bond levels, and all sorts of classes to consider, you will always find yourself with new ways to edit your army. But, since the game has a set number of campaign levels, you might wonder if there is a way to experience your troops at their full power. If Fire Emblem Engage has a New Game Plus mode, this would be a simple way to see everyone at their strongest! So, is this mode available?

Does Fire Emblem Engage Have New Game Plus?

Does Fire Emblem Engage Have New Game Plus?

Fire Emblem Engage does not have a New Game Plus feature which would allow you to complete the story again. However, once you complete the game, you are still allowed to wander the map and complete skirmishes, paralogues, and even challenge the final boss once again. You can also complete higher level Relay Trials to challenge your army, made easier thanks to Clear Rewards.

Completing the game will give you 10 of each crystal, several books, and 100,000 gold. This’ll help make your army squeaky-clean, ready for post-game content.

Sadly, there is no way to re-experience story missions with stronger units and enemies. Those are completed for good once you’ve finished the map. You can only really test your might against skirmishes, unfinished paralogues, or the final boss again on the World Map.

However, you can complete higher level Relay Trials. Using Relay Tickets, these trials feature difficult maps that is sure to challenge even maxed out units. Completing them is handy to show off your army’s full power for the PvP mode, since they offer high level rewards.

That is not to say it is impossible that Engage won’t offer New Game Plus at some point. Fire Emblem games often have the mode, and it can be quite fun to plow through Chapters with your army at full power. Hopefully, between DLC releases, we can see this mode added into the game.

Written by Andrew Smith