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Genshin Impact Gift for Lisa | What to Give

Gift for Lisa

Genshin Impact, the brand-new, free-to-play, fantasy RPG, has quite a lot of quests! From slaying monsters to raiding dungeons, there’s all sorts of excitement… and some quests take the opposite approach! If you’ve talked to a bunch of people, you might have gotten the opportunity to get a gift for Lisa. This is part of the “Troublesome Work” quest, and it… can be confusing. If you want to know the best gifts, here’s our guide!

What Gift for Lisa Should You Get?

In order to get maximum relationship points with Lisa, there’s a few choices you should pick. The dialogue trees don’t show all of your options right away; first you must select a valid option, then another will unlock. After three rotations of this, you’ll get all of them. Even so, you’ll want to get the Ragged Old Scroll gift for Lisa, since that’s the one she likes the most.

Lisa’s Favorite Food

After the gift, you will get something to eat. Check the options, and then talk to the cook, who will tell you Lisa is a vegetarian. The Radish Veggie Soup or the Satisfying Salad are the most obvious options. For maximum points, choose the Radish Veggie Soup.

Lisa’s Favorite Flower

Finally, there’s some flower picking. The first two choices are bait: Go to Donna during the daytime and she’ll give you a third choice, and tell you to visit Flora. She has the last choice – the Cecilia – which Lisa likes the most.

That being said… these conversation choices don’t appear to change too much. You get the same rewards for all of them… but hey, at least Lisa is happier, right? That’s worth something.

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Written by Andrew Smith