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Genshin Impact Heart Island | How to Unlock

Heart Island

There are actually a surprising number of secrets in Genshin Impact. The map is absolutely ginormous, so it makes sense. There are some places where the player is never told explicitly to go to, but are rewarded for getting there! One of these places is called Heart Island, a small little place off below the Mingyun VIllage. If you get to that point in the game (and have some friends with you), getting to this island should be a legitimate priority!

How to Get to Heart Island

In order to reach Heart Island in Genshin Impact, you must have a specific character. Any Ice-based character could theoretically make it… But, you can use Kaeya to make it over easy peasy. And you get Kaeya through story progression, so that shouldn’t be too bad!

With Kaeya selected, use Frostgnaw (his elemental skill) to freeze the water below you. Use this until you get to the little island to the right of the Shoal.

Heart Island

Welcome to Heart Island! In order to claim the Luxurious Chest that the island has, you must invite a friend. Otherwise, the chest will remain locked. Thankfully, you can bring a friend over after you’ve ice-skated all the way over to the island, so you won’t be at a complete loss. Just make sure you have a friend on your list above Adventure Level 16.

If that’s not on the menu, there’s still a rare material on this island that you can donate to the Statues of the Seven. So, even if your friends aren’t online or not quite at Level 16 yet, you still have some value out of getting to Heart Island.

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Written by Andrew Smith